Lily’s Poem

Hello Fellow Chimps! For today’s extra post, I am going to share with you the poem that I read to everyone yesterday at my Cousin Lily’s Christening Lunch. The christening was beautiful, and Lily was full of smiles! Now – no more chit-chat, this is the poem I wrote for Lily:


From graceful lilies pure and white,

God fashioned beautiful skin,

Forget-me-nots he chose for eyes;

Then formed your baby chin.

He took a tulip bright and red,

It was one that could not fade;

 And created a sweet little mouth,

That before was never made.

Another flower next was used,

A rosebud, pink and fair;

He touched it to your dimpled cheeks,

And made it blossom there.

And then with magic fingers he picked;

two morning glories – white,

He curled and shaped your little ears,

Soon they were fastened tight.

That crowning bit of golden down

Will soon become your hair;

He gathered pollen from the flowers,

And sprinkled it with care.

For dainty little fingers

And precious, tiny toes,

He used slender daisy frills;

And a snowdrop for your nose.

This world and everything in it,

It was created here for man;

But Lily was “God’s Little Artwork”

Since time and life began.



I hope you enjoyed her poem, she’s a very sweet baby and this poem really resembles her.


Until Next Time,

Be Free, Be Chimps!



Hello Fellow Chimps! Now, I apologise for not posting on Sunday, I now have a post ready for you. For today’s post, I asked my friend and fellow blogger, Mary if I could use the story she was showing me, edit it and put it on my blog. So the main idea came from Mary, I just changed some things around. Enjoy!


 Tick tock, tick tock, tick tock. Tick tock went the rickety clock. Tick tock, tick tock, tick tock.

The grime on the old, rusty windows blustered past the petrified 6 year old girl. She – Isabelle Ray – was standing there in the breezy haunted-looking like a quiescent figure. All that was heard were the loud creaks of the wooden floorboards and the rickety, rackety clock. Tick tock, Tick tock. A shadow lurked throughout, causing a shiver to crawl up Isabelle’s spine. She could hear high sounds of screams calling for help – it was penetrating her ears. She felt as if the huge walls were going to close in – and suffocate her body.

Isabelle wanted to run but her puny feet were glued to the ground. She knew wandering inside the haunted-looking house was dangerous, but being the curious girl she was, she went ahead anyway.

The cries grew louder and closer, Isabelle felt the warmth of heavy breathing trailing up her arms – all the way up to her neck. Her heart was pounding so hard it could’ve burst out of her chest any moment. Cautiously twisting her head, she saw nothing but the dark, hollow hallways. When she turned back toward the staircase, there was a boyish-looking person dressed only in white.

She gasped and stumbling back, she clutched onto the laced cloth that was hanging from the ceiling. The ground shook by the steps of the terrifying little boy. The wooden surface started to tear apart each time the frightening thing took a step. Isabelle heard a male voice echoing through the blackness.

“Go to sleep now” it said.

Just then, the floor dismantled completely, Isabelle let out desperate whines for help.

The boy gripped onto her upper back, the pain caused her body to tremble. He thrust her down into the gruesome space caved in below the ground.

The little kid imprisoned the hole with many planks of wood. She fought to hold back her tears from being fearful. Isabelle let out a screech as the pain flowed through her insides. Where the pain was coming from that time, she did not know.

The dangling bulb coming from the widened closet flickered constantly, never ending. Only half of a second, and it stops, hardly anything visible to see or hear. The only sound heard was the wind rustling throughout the lifeless trees outside.

Isabelle, still shut in had nowhere to go. Breathlessly, she pushed herself up, exploring the disgusting and seemingly old abyss. She didn’t know anyone stored stuff in it.

There was a photo of a boy with a bright smile; she assumed he was the one upstairs. Isabelle shifted to find an old, chipped door plastered on the wall. Rotating the knob, she spotted bloody knives clothed in ragged fabric, placed in a mossy sink.

A coroner’s table sat in the centre of the room, surrounded by a tray of medical tools. Isabelle’s heart skipped so fast, she felt like she was going to faint right there.

A loud noise came from above, causing the loose chips of wood to crumble down on her.

Isabelle now covered in dust, tiptoed back to the closet and slides herself in, shutting the entrance behind her.

Suddenly, a thump hit the ground, causing vibrations to crawl through the floor. The closet door was slightly open, giving Isabelle some view of a different black haired boy from the one she saw upstairs. She’s seen him before, but she doesn’t know where.

She backed away from the gap just as he rolled his eyes on her. Isabelle backed away even further when she realised his eyes weren’t closing and his wide grin was carved on his face, the skin cut into a smile.

Her breathing got heavier; the horrifying boy reached out his slim arm and pulled the closet doors open. He threw his head back and started laughing hysterically, Isabelle couldn’t hold her tears in anymore, she started to form rivers. Her heartbeat fell, she knew what was going to happen.

Just before taking her last breath, the boy said, ‘The names Jeff. Oh, and sleep tight’.

Just like that, Isabelle’s pale body dropped out of the closet with her eyes shut and heartbeat gone. The worst thing was, no-one would ever know how she died…



I hope you enjoyed the story, please – let Mary and I know what you thought of the story and leave a comment! This is basically it for now so;

Until Next Time,

Be Free, Be Chimps!


Hello Fellow Chimps and today I have some memes and things that I downloaded and I hope you find them as funny as I did. No fuss today, on with the post:





I hope you enjoyed this post – If anyone is offended by this, I am sorry. I didn’t mean to offend anyone or be racist. These are just memes that made me laugh. Once again, no offence to anyone who feels they are offended.

Until Next Time,

Be Free, Be Chimps!

Unfortunate News, Everybody…

Hello Fellow Chimps. Today I have some sad news. I am discontinuing Full-On February. I know – I got everyone stirred up and I only posted three posts (4 if you include today). It’s just that with starting High School and everything it’s a bit harder than I thought it was going to be. Well, I’ve got quite a few posts in my draft section of WordPress, so I’ll finish those and post them when I can.

Until Next Time, 

Be Free, Be Chimps!

My Evening Routine (For A School Night)

Hello Fellow Chimps and so I published my school morning routine the other day and the post performed quite well so I’m going to do my school night routine! On with the post:

3:15 – School bell rings and I go the school’s bus bay.

3:30 – catch the bus to my mum’s school. When I arrive I do most of my homework.

5:30 – leave mum’s school and go home.

6:00 – Arrive home and unpack my bag

6:20 – Have a shower and do any chores that need to be done

6:45 – I usually set the table or go on the computer for free time or do digital textbook homework stuff.

7:30 – Dinner time!

8:30 – 9:00 – In bed and asleep.

That’s basically it – it’s not as long as my morning one, probably because the night time is more of a winding down sort of time. Well, I guess I’m sort of doing okay at Full On February, tomorrow I’ve got some memes and stuff for you!

Until Next Time,

Be Free, Be Chimps!

The Top 5 Best Ways to Celebrate Nutella Day!

Hello Fellow Chimps and In case you didn’t know, February 5 is Nutella Day! Three years ago, I actually hated Nutella, but now I can’t get enough of it so to celebrate, I’ve put together a list of the best ways to celebrate this special event! Also, I’m sorry for not posting yesterday (Nutella Day) or the day before, the challenge is to try to post everyday, not have to post everyday. On with the post:


  1. Blog about it!
  2. Have Nutella for breakfast, lunch and dinner (then again, that might be a bit gross…)
  3. Throw a Nutella party
  4. Use Nutella as a putty and see what you can build (if you do this, take a picture and send it to me at – I’d love to see what you can make!)
  5. Make a recipe that uses Nutella (once again, if you do it take a photo and send it to me!)

How to Make Nutella Clusters (Very Easy):


  • 90grams milk chocolate 
  • 120grams Nutella (1/2 Cup)
  • 40grams Cornflakes


  1. Melt the chocolate and Nutella in a saucepan over a gentle heat. When they are melted, add the cornflakes. Mix together carefully.
  2. Put small mounds of the mixture on a sheet of baking parchment or in small paper cases. Chill for at least 2 hours before serving.

I hope you like this recipe, it came from a book I got for Christmas that has all sorts of Nutella recipes. You should look it up! Tomorrow, I will be posting my evening routine so be prepared for that! See you tomorrow!

Until then,

Be Free, Be Chimps! 

P.S. Ignore those letters and numbers and symbols below, WordPress mobile glitched and added it so I couldn’t delete it.

I ​ 

    My Morning Routine (For School)

    Hello Fellow Chimps and I apologise for not posting on the 1st & 2nd of Feb, I had lots of organising to do. Today I’m going to post about my morning routine because I’ve was told that if you do it, it can help lots of people. Usually, girls would do this but being a Boy that’s starting High school as a student, this could be useful for anyone who’s in the same situation as myself. On with the post:

    6:20 – Radio turns on and I listen to it for ten or so minutes.

    6:30 – Radio turns off and buzzer sounds, telling me to get out of bed.

    6:35 – Take drink bottle of the freezer, fill it up with water and put it in my bag.

    6:40 – Make breakfast (Usually Cereal.)

    6:50 – Eating breakfast.

    7:00 – Wash up my dishes, and go and my brush my teeth and put deodorant on.

    7:15 – Get clothes out of wardrobe and put them on.

    7:20 – Help mum pack the lunch boxes.

    7:30 – Do my hair

    7:40 Put my lunchbox in my bag and make sure I have everything I need for the day.

    7:45 to 7:55 – Relax, watch TV, practice piano or go on my iPad and check emails, etc.

    8:00 – Check again to make sure I have everything, say goodbye to everybody and walk out the door and down the street to the bus stop.

    8:15 – Catch the bus to school!

    That was about it!

    I like doing this, I might do an evening routine tomorrow. If you are a student, try what I do or tell me in the comments if you have a different routine! The image that I used in this post belongs to I did not make the image, and I didn’t intend for copyright, for all of you wondering. 🙂

    Until Tomorrow,

    Be Free, Be Chimps!


    Australia Day Special: The Australian Tag!

    Hello Fellow Chimps and I’d like to say a special “Happy Australia Day!” To all my Australian readers and – even if you’re not Australian! Today, I am going to do an Australia Day special post – the Australian Tag! Now, I’ve never done a tag before but if I like it and you like it, I’ll do more! Right, let’s do it:

    P.S. I updated this post. Scroll down to see what I wrote about the history of Australia Day and what it’s like for some of Australia’s original inhabitants. Disclaimer: I do not mean for this in any way to be disrespectful however, if you or someone you know finds it disrespectful please contact me at or comment on this post and I will change it to your needs. Thanks!

    1. What state do you live in?

    A: I live in NSW!

    2. Which states have you visited in Australia?

    A: I have visited ACT (Canberra) and that’s about it. The closest I’ve been to leaving NSW is when we went up the central coast for holidays.

    3. What do you order at Boost Juice?

    A: I usually order “Berry Crush” which is basically a bunch of berries and ice and juice crushed up.

    4. Who is your favourite Australian Music Artist?

    A: Guy Sebastian! That or Samantha Jade – They both have really catchy songs!

    5. Who is your favourite Australian Actor/Actress?

    A: Hugh Jackman. He’s done really well in his career!

    6. Choose one: Target, Myer or Westfield

    A: I’ve never actually been to Westfield, but we went past it when we were in Sydney. So, probably Myer. Target was renovated where I live and I hope it’s not like it is now anywhere else.

    7. Do you like vegemite? How do you eat it?

    A: I love vegemite! There is a rule though: only spread a little though. Vegemite is really good when your sick!

    8. Have you ever seen or petted a kangaroo?

    A: We see kangaroos hopping down the road all the time!

    9. Have you seen the Sydney Harbour Bridge?

    A: Yes, and I’m planning on climbing it one day.

    10. Do you say Mate or G’Day?

    A: I say both, but not very often.

    11. Thongs or Sandals?

    A: I haven’t wore Sandals since I was like 5 so probably thongs.

    12. Jumper or Sweater?

    A: I’d probably have a sweater but jumpers will do.

    13. Overall, what do you think of Australia?

    A: Australia is amazing! I don’t think Australian’s know how lucky we are to be in a country like this – I mean – we are the only country in the world that is also a continent. Overall, I’m ecstatic to live in Australia!
    I hope you enjoyed this special post! And I’ll see you next Sunday! I apologise for the newsletter not being sent out, I had scheduled it but it never came out. I am working on fixing it so do not despair!

    Update: I have fixed the newsletter! It should have been sent out earlier today. I just wanted to update this post and talk a bit more about Australia Day but first – the idea for this post was inspired by a YouTube video I watched this morning. The link is:

    Yes, I had to change some of the questions so they were more for me. Now – I wanted to talk more about Australia Day so here we go:

    Australia Day is held on January 26 each year to commemorate the “founding” of Australia. Australia was populated by the British Colonisation on January 26, 1788. There were many stories of the Indigenous trying to attack the English, but there were many more stories of the English attacking the Indigenous. There are people in Indigenous people in Australia that have been through a lot and yet celebrate Australia Day and for those people – I commend your courage! Though there and Indigenous people who have suffered and do not participate in Australia Day. I would just like to say I understand why you do not celebrate, however I do not fully understand as I have never been through something like this. So for my final words for this post, Australia Day is a day for celebration – but to other people, it is a day of mourning and loss. Australia Day is a respected yet controversial day. Like Australia’s Google Doodle for today, it is also respected yet very controversial. In case you haven’t seen it, this is it:


    You can read more about it by visiting this link:

    Right – this is the proper end of my post so:

    Until next time,

    Be Free, Be Chimps!


    2016 – Ready or Not, Here We Come!

    Like I said in my 2015 in review post, 2015 was an amazing year with many achievements and new-found things but like every year, 2016 is going to be better! I would like to start by announcing my blog’s new logo/sign:


     So, do you like it?! I made it with an app called LogoMaker (

    2016 is going to be a year of fun things and I’ve got lots of little plans for this year like contests, post ideas, etc.

    Let’s start with my New Year Resolutions!

    1. More Confidence/Courage – This has been one of my New Year Resolutions for a couple of years now, and I’ve definitely improved since 2012, when I decided that was something I should probably start working on.
    2. Friends – I’m starting high school this year, I don’t have very many friends so it would be nice to have some more – but that should come all in good time.
    3. Strength – Most of my friends would know that I’m not the strongest kid there is, so I’d like to be a bit stronger.

    There’s many more but I can only think of so many for this post. Now for some “Blogging Resolutions” for 2016:

    • Working on my “niche” – writing, sometimes humorous, others serious or just plain corny. This year my blogging schedule will,stay the same as much as possible and I will write my posts in advance, do serious editing, apply more tags and give you guys only the best effort!
    • Followers – let’s aim for 80 followers?
    • Comments – in the past, comments were a rare thing. They got a tad more common last year and I can’t wait to see what happens in 2016!

    Once again, there are probably more but there are only so many I can post. What about last year’s blogging new year resolutions? Let’s get out what I said last year:

    • Go from 20 or so followers to 40 or so followers – Tick. I’ve actually got over sixty followers now!
    • Get more comments – Tick. People had commented on all sorts of posts this year.
    • get more likes 😉 – Tick. I broke my record thrice for likes at the end of this year!
    • Get more reblogs – Cross. But, how many people reblog nowadays?
    • Come out of my shell more and meet more people as it’s my last year of primary school – Tick. I made so many friends I couldn’t believe it!

    That was copied exactly from last year’s post, except for the ticks and crosses.

    I hope you enjoyed this post, let’s get ready for a good year!

    The regular posting schedule will resume back on Sunday. Also, I saw that lots of blogs that only post once or twice a week have a word “describing” their day. For example, iisuperwomanii has Super Monday, A blog that I read sometimes, has Mermaid Monday, etc. I looked online for some Monkey words that begin with S because, S for Sunday. So, I decided to choose Simian. Please welcome… Drum roll, please… Simian Sunday! A simian is a type of monkey so, doesn’t it suit my blogging day?

        My Holidays So Far…

        My holidays have been amazingly crazy! I’ve heard silly stories of people wanting to attach a boat motor to their bottom and setting off down the beach, I’ve been fishing, I went to Erina Fair and I’ve been to some lovely restaurants.

        I’m staying at Umina Beach, Ettalong. The waves have been good and I’ve caught quite a few, however the sand (that I think is meant to keep you warm after you get out from the water), was cold. Coincidentally, we saw our friends from back home on the first day and if they happen to read this, then hi! 

        Now let me tell you the story of fishing… On the first day I went fishing (about 4 days ago), it took a lot of patience, but after a while I caught a very small whiting. My dad and I were watching the reel very closely and when the line came in close enough we saw lots of small, and I mean small fish attacking the line, but no matter how fast we reeled the line in we still couldn’t get them! On the next day, we went down to a different spot on the beach to fish. Guess what?! First go – fish! Second go – fish! Third go – big big of seaweed that looked like I had caught a shark! Fourth go – It got stuck at the bottom of the ocean and the rod almost snapped! I’ve had a very interested fishing experience this year, especially with my little brother catching a puffer fish!

        Yesterday, I went on a 90 minute walk around the place, and ended up nearly exploring Blackwall Mountain! In other words, we got lost.

        I’ve also been to “The Copperpot” which is Indian, and the “Ocean Beach Hotel” which is a pub. I’m currently at “Margarita Daze” which is Mexican. They all tasted great and if you visit or live in Umina Beach, I highly recommend those. I also can’t wait to visit “The Treble Cleff Cafe” and “Barrenjoey House” which is over in Sydney which we can catch the ferry to. Oh! Also, Barrenjoey House has free Wifi as well! Yippeeeeeeeee!!!

        I also ventured down to Erina Fair, near Gosford. We got down there and bought some lunch. I had a Hawaiian Crepe, which was delicious! After that I took off with my Grandma and Grandpa to all sorts of shops. While my grandma tried on a shirt, my grandpa and I took a look at a surf shop and looked at watches and funny hats. Then we went to Athlete’s Foot and bought my grandparents new joggers. I was quite intrigued by the machine that told you what type of shoe you needed. After some time, we visited Myer to buy some perfume. Then we visited the chemist, but you don’t want to here about that so after that we went to the Bookshop and I bought Spook’s Apprentice. I can’t wait to read it because it sounds really interesting. Then we went to Sit & Chat and I had a Chocolate Milkshake and a Poppyseed and Orange cake slice. Then we basically got in the car and went home.

        Soooo, yeah! My holidays have been good so far and I can’t wait to see what else is in store! Mary’s been a big help posting for me and although from the coming Monday, she won’t be posting but I’m sure she’ll be guest posting sooner than you think once she stops, if that makes sense…

        Anyway, I’ll see you very soon with my next post. I’ve got big plans for 2016, and I can’t wait to see what you think about them!

        My Year in Review

        The stats helper monkeys prepared a 2015 annual report for this blog.

        Here’s an excerpt:

        A San Francisco cable car holds 60 people. This blog was viewed about 1,600 times in 2015. If it were a cable car, it would take about 27 trips to carry that many people.

        Click here to see the complete report.

        Hello! I’m at a restaurant for the night and have free wifi! Click on the link to view the whole report and see what Chimping Around achieved in 2015!

        This year has been a good one (better than last year, don’t you think?) with more follows, comments and likes and I’ve loved every bit of it. I started a blogging schedule, which definitely helped with my traffic. I also really defined my blog’s niche, well – sort of, you can choose between humour/comedy or writing. Which one do you choose? Please, comment on how many “achievements” we got in 2015, and what were they?

        Meet Kanaeandmary

        As many of my readers would know, today I’m going on holidays! Here are some photos of the house we’ve seen online:

        This is the view from the balcony

        Look at the lounge Room!

        This is what the house looks like outside, amazing isn’t it?!

        Anyway, while I’m away I have asked one of my dearest blogger friends, Kanaeandmary to guest post for a little while. She has amazing stories to share (even one about my new series, Mildred’s Adventures!) and I’m sure you’ll love them. For you guys to get to know her better, I interviewed here. See what she said about the questions!


        Q1. What’s your name and which blog do you come from?

        A1. That’s a good question. My name is Mary!! And I come from Movies and Music.

        Q2. What’s your dream job?

        A2. Well my dream job, that’s a difficult question. (I don’t know) what my dream job is yet, there’s just so much to choose from!

        Q3. What do you think makes a good blogger/blog and why?

        A3. Funny stories and topics definitely. That’s something I really enjoy.

        Q4. What do you think about kids and social media?

        A4. Well, social media isn’t the best thing for a kid. I mean, there’s so much more out there, don’t always live your life on the internet, be face-to-face social with other people. Meet new people is what I would say.

        Q5. What niche would you classify your blog as?

        A5. Um, probably my daily life stuffies, so my blog is more like my journal.

        Q6. Why do you think the sky is blue?

        A6. That’s a strange question but still really interesting. Um, yeah, (I don’t know) how to answer that.

        Q7. What do you think is the best quality of a human being and why?

        A7. Sense of humour, I love hilarious people, they’re just fun to be around. Also weirdness but the good kind, I like being with people I can relate to and be weird with. If that makes sense.

        Q8. What’s the most recent thing/decoration in your house now?

        A8. Um..idk, Christmas baubles that my sister bought a few days ago.

        Q9. If you had to tell people about my blog in 3 sentences, what would you say?

        A9. Chimping Around is extremely funny, the posts just make me laugh, especially the Banana Sandwich. There’s a few daily journal posts I see, which is pretty cool, because it makes me think more clearly about that specific topic, for example the lottery post. What I recognise is not every post has the same idea, there is some about the blog owners life, like what happened on the weekend or what his siblings did, yeah I like that.

        Q10. On a scale of 1 to 10, what would you rate this interview?

        A10. On a scale of 1-10, I rate 7.3.

        Anyway, thanks for that Mary! You guys will enjoy her posts. If you would like to be interviewed or guest post on Chimping Around please comment and tell me on my about page and I will reply sometime earlier next year. I just need to get my blog email address back on track. Due to me moving to high school, the blog email may be getting terminated.

        So, like I’ve said about three times now, enjoy Mary’s posts and I’ll see you when I get back!

        Announcing A New Mini-Series of Stories!

        So, I’m not sure how long this is going to last but – I’ve decided to start a mini series about a character that I generated.

          Meet Mildred Zimbel, an 86 year old lady who sneaks out of her Elderly Retirement Home and goes on all sorts of adventures. That is what the series will be about – where she goes and what she does. I’ll post about her adventures sometimes on Sunday posts, or whenever I feel like it. This should be fun! Get ready for some weird posts, that’s for sure.

        Wrecking Ball – Lyrics Remade!

        I’m going to admit something. Right here, right now. I’m stupid. I mean, all this time I’ve been trying to do entertaining posts and what I didn’t realise was this: What’s my most popular post of all time? My ‘My Puppy Punched Me in the Eye’ post, where I posted the original poem, a claymation video and then my own version of the poem. If you haven’t seen that post yet – go check it out here:

        Anyway, for this week’s post, I decided to take the one and only Miley Cyrus’ Wrecking Ball and apply my own “amazing writing touch” to it (It’s probably not that amazing). Also, I know its crazy and some (most) of it doesn’t rhyme so now that’s out of the way – judge me.

        Tennis Ball

        We swung and missed I thought I’d won
        We fought, wondering why
        You snapped, I quit the tennis club.
        A match no one could’ve won

        Don’t you ever blab, that I just never tried
        I always think of you
        You won’t teach me skills, but I still remember you
        I always think of you

        I went in like a tennis ball
        I’ve never hit the net so hard
        All I wanted was to be your champ
        All you ever did was disturb me
        Yeah, you, you disturbed me

        The racket and you had teamed
        No one would ever beat you
        This slowly changed, you let me win
        It was all, part of your plan
        Don’t you ever blab, that I just never tried
        I always think of you
        You won’t teach me skills, but I still remember you
        I always think of you
        I went in like a tennis ball
        I’ve never hit the net so hard
        All I wanted was to be your champ
        All you ever did was disturb me

        I went in like a tennis ball
        Yeah, I just shut my mouth and moved
        Left my leg in a terrible mess
        All you ever did was disturb
        Yeah, you, you disturbed me

        I never meant to quit the club
        I just wanted you to help me out
        And instead of snapping my leg
        You probably should’ve stayed a while
        I never meant to quit the club
        I just wanted you to help me out
        You probably should’ve stayed a while

        Don’t you ever blab, that I just never tried
        I always think of you

        I went in like a wrecking ball
        I’ve never hit the net so hard
        All I wanted was to be your champ
        All you ever did was disturb me

        I went in like a tennis ball
        Yeah, I just shut my mouth and moved
        Left my leg in a terrible mess
        All you ever did was disturb me
        Yeah, you, you disturbed me
        Yeah, you, you disturb me.

        If it makes you feel better – try singing this version with the original:


        Fossil Fuels in Years to Come

        Here’s a piece of text I wrote at the start of the year for a competition. I called it ‘Fossil Fuels in Years to Come’

        Fossil Fuels are ancient. Seriously – they’ve been around for millions of years! It was estimated that they’ve been around since the year 1000 BC!* Isn’t it good to know that even if you’re the oldest person in the world, there are fossil fuels that have lived longer than you? However, how long do they have left before they fade away?
        Just to freshen up, there are three Fossil Fuels – Oil, Natural Gas and Coal.
        * Fossil Fuels were used way back in the Iron Age. As humans have become more civilised, we have burnt up more fuels. Fossil Fuels are precious as they took millions of years to form so once they’re gone, they’re gone forever. For many generations, people have asked “What happens if Fossil Fuels run out?” They never ask when. These precious fuels are limited so it’s a definite yes that they are going to run out.
        How Are Fossil Fuels Made?

        Fossil Fuels are made when dead flora and fauna get buried underneath land. As time goes by, the buried things decompose and turn the leftovers into fuel sources. Depending on how many sources there are in different countries, depends on which countries will run out of supplies first. I feel strongly that the first handful of countries will “borrow” other countries’ resources but personally, I think that is a bad move as we will then run out of Fossil Fuels for everybody else.
        When Will Fossil Fuels Run Out?

        Being part of an “earth community”, we consume 11 billion tonnes of oil and more every year. At this rate, all oil reserves will be gone between 2050 and 2075*. Once oil runs out, we’ll still have coal and gas but if we were to increase the production of the other fuels, gas supplies will also be lost between the years 2060 and 2085. Then, if we were to increase production of coal to make up for oil and gas reserves lost, coal could be lost as well during 2088 and 2095. After these years, there will be a bit of struggle to live without fuels but – will man-kind have made a way to live without any struggle at all encountering the loss of all our fuels? I hope so! If not, all the carbon dioxide emitting from burning coal will shorten our enjoyment of the fun stuff you can do today. Imagine taking a honeymoon and travelling the world – while breathing in Carbon Dioxide all the time.
        I don’t want to live in a world where there are no Fossil Fuels, and I’m sure future generations to come don’t want to grow up in a world without Fossil Fuels either. So adults, take the time to become more fuel efficient to help kids like myself and newer generations to live in happiness. Do the right thing – please.




        * = the website is in the bibliography

        Idioms for Idiots

        Idioms for Idiots

        Original Link:
        Wait – what is an idiom? Sheesh, talk about idiots! In case you didn’t know, an idiom is a phrase that means something but not the meaning for the phrase. For example: Spill the beans! When someone asks you that, do you really spill a can of beans? No! Of course not! That was the literal meaning. The meaning in reality is: tell the truth. I plan on giving you a few idioms and you can add your own in the discussion area that you think I should add and – if they are appropriate – they will be added. Also, check out that video attached above, it’s quite funny!

        • Cat got your tongue?
        • Shake a leg!
        • Bob’s your uncle! (No kidding, I actually have an uncle called bob!)
        • When pigs fly!
        • More holes than a Swiss cheese!


        So, after reading this, do you have any you would like to add? Let me know!

        Go the Ollies!

        I know that sounds like something a rugby follower would say but – it’s not. I was lucky enough to be selected in my school’s debating team and, our team is called the Ollies. On the past Monday, I versed one school and won!!! Now, on the coming Wednesday, I get to go onto the next round and verse another school! Let’s hope my team can progress more! Yay!

        What Makes A Good Storybook?

        A group of students in my class are starting this project about Feral Animals (Due to privacy reasons, their names cannot be published. There are four students doing it – including myself). We have to make a storybook about our chosen Feral Animal from Australia. However, what makes a good storybook? My mum – a Kindergarten teacher – gave me some tips on what makes a good book for little kids but, the project wants something that’s for both little kids and big kids so – what makes a good storybook for primary schools? The group had some ideas for design. We were thinking of having an illustration as the background with the text and a real life photo on top (something easily done with an app called PicCollage). I don’t know. If you have any suggestions please comment and we’ll be sure to take them onboard – and most likely use them. Thanks for all your help. 😄

        What Makes Me Better???

        Thanks for everything! I just checked my stats and I’ve had a bit over 1,445 views. Wow! But now, I want to ask you what makes me better? What makes you want to come back for more? Tell me some things in the comments or in a poll (if I can figure out how to make one on iPad 😊)

        100 Posts!

        Yes, I’ve posted 100 posts on my blog and this is the one hundred and first post. Thanks to everyone who reads my posts! Since I’m going into the 100’s, I would like more things to write about. Comment some things to write about! Polls, debating topics (The thing that I only did once of), suggest stories that I could try to write about. Thanks once again to everyone for reading my posts 🙂

        2015 – New Year Wishes

        Sure, 2014 was good and all but I want 2015 to be great! Some of my wishes:

        • Go from 20 or so followers to 40 or so followers
        • Get more comments
        • get more likes 😉
        • Get more reblogs
        • Come out of my shell more and meet more people as it’s my last year of primary school

        There are probably tons more that I’ve forgotten but – I wish all of you a happy and safe new year!

        2014 in review

        The stats helper monkeys prepared a 2014 annual report for this blog.

        Here’s an excerpt:

        A San Francisco cable car holds 60 people. This blog was viewed about 460 times in 2014. If it were a cable car, it would take about 8 trips to carry that many people.

        Click here to see the complete report.