Less Germs!

If you’ve been with me for a while, you might remember my post from last year, ‘How Many Germs Does Your Cell Phone Have?’ If you haven’t seen it, please go and read it here. After all, I’ve gained about 20 followers since then. Welcome to this ever growing family, guys! Yeah, so I took the test again (mind you, since then I’ve bought and iPad and became more aware of technology and how to look after it) and my result was equivalent to 333 toilet seats. My old “score” was 377. That’s a loss of 44 toilet seats, which means I’ve lost almost a million germs! Although, I’ll never be germ-free, let’s see if we can lose even more!


Top 10 Awesome Free Apps For Your iDevice

My last post was Top 10 Awesome Free Games For Your iDevice so now I’ve decided to do Top 10 Awesome Free Apps For Your iDevice. All these apps are awesome however, some may not be available in your country, they may not be free anymore and they may not suit your liking. This is just my opinion:

  1. Google Apps (Chrome, YouTube, Docs, so on)
  2. WordPress
  3. Cook
  4. Halftone – Comic Book Creator
  5. School A-Z
  6. Doodle Buddy
  7. Snapseed
  8. PicCollage
  9. Apple Apps (Podcasts, Remote, GarageBand, iMovie, etc.)
  10. Dominos Pizza

By the way, this list is from Favourite to Least Favourite. Which ones do you like?

Top 10 Awesome Free Games For Your iDevice

Everyone wants to know the best free game apps to play on your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. I’ve chosen ten games that I have downloaded myself and think are awesome! Some apps may not be for your version of iOS. I do not know if any of these apps are available on Google Play or The Windows Phone Store. Some apps may have been deleted from the App Store, or have been raised in cost. Some apps may also only available on iPad. Anyway, let’s get to the list!

  1. Clash of Clans
  2. Agar.io
  3. Pure Pinball
  4. Real Racing 3
  5. SimCity BuildIt
  6. 2048
  7. Crossy Roads
  8. Angry Gran
  9. Spy vs Spy
  10. Pumped BMX 2

So, did you find any new apps? I think these are all great apps but, what do you think?

The Sleepover

On Saturday night, I went to my friend, Jack’s house for a sleepover. It was his birthday. We had such a great time! Making movies, playing games, going Geocaching (if you don’t know what it is, go to geocaching.com) and making homemade ‘Yogurtland’ – we did it all! I even helped Jack make his own blog. You can view it at http://www.geekingaround23.wordpress.com       See the relationship to my blog?

Wait – How Many Items?

This afternoon, I wanted to empty my trash today and guess how many items it has to delete?! 25,000! I can’t wait to see how long it’s going to take? To be honest, I think that’s got to be the record for the amount of items that need to be deleted for a kid – don’t you?


Here is a poll:

The Idiot Test

I took the ‘Idiot Test’ today, turns out, I’m an idiot! To be honest, I think that’s the answer for anybody who takes the quiz.


This is the link (^ Up There ^) for my results. You should try it out and see what you are. If you all get the same answer as me, we’ll know it’s rigged!

What Makes Me Better???

Thanks for everything! I just checked my stats and I’ve had a bit over 1,445 views. Wow! But now, I want to ask you what makes me better? What makes you want to come back for more? Tell me some things in the comments or in a poll (if I can figure out how to make one on iPad 😊)

CEO Tim Cook Says The Apple Watch is to Ship in April

The Apple Watch has been rumoured about its arrival and shipping date and, now most of the rumours have stopped because – Tim Cook (CEO of Apple) has said that the Apple Watch is to ship in April! I watched a video on TechCrunch. It’ll hopefully pop up <a href="http://


Where Could It Be?

So, a few months ago, I lost my iPod Touch. I recently had an idea of what to do with it and when I went to find it, it wasn’t ANYWHERE!!! I thought if I post a question on my blog, I might use majority rules from the comments. The rooms in my house are:
-Kid Bathroom & Toilet
-My Bedroom
-Dining Area
-Dress-Up Area
-My Brother & Sister’s Bedroom
-Mum and Dad’s Bedroom (If you think it’s in here, tell me where you think because I’m not really aloud to go in there)

So – comment as many times as you possibly can! Every inch of help is appreciated. The person(s) who actually find where it is will get a “shout out” which I think is where I say the commenters name and a thank you to them on a post! Thanks for all your help. 😄

New MacBook?!

I was reading a macworld post (http://www.macworld.com.au/news/apple%E2%80%99s-next-macbook-could-be-a-12in-macbook-air-134692/) That was talking about Apple introducing a new MacBook Air thats 12 inches. So 13in, 11in and now 12in?! This is something that I need as the 13in is nice but too expensive, the 11in is at the right price but too small so the 12in should be not to small and not to expensive. If this is so, it’s definitely the year of Apple! With the Apple Watch, maybe a 12in MacBook Air and probably some more surprises in store. This is something I’m looking forward too. 🙂

Why Do This To Myself?

Why Do This To Myself?.

A great story that I found. Isn’t it great to get off technology for a few days and enjoy the nature?

2014 in review

The WordPress.com stats helper monkeys prepared a 2014 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

A San Francisco cable car holds 60 people. This blog was viewed about 460 times in 2014. If it were a cable car, it would take about 8 trips to carry that many people.

Click here to see the complete report.

I’m A Scratcher!

Scratch, the free programming site, has now officially been added to my list of passwords to remember. http://scratch.mit.edu/users/Mr_Beaver/

The link above will take you to my scratch profile so you can see the projects there and remix them! I know that I’m not the biggest blog out there and I have some authors following me, but – I encourage everybody to start programming and see what you can do! If you make an account, be sure to follow me so you can the projects that I make and I can see the projects that you make.

SRC 2015

This year, I got nominated for the SRC and I have to prepare a speech. There a LOT of other students trying to get in so I need to try and make my speech stand out the most. Here is what I wrote for my speech.

Hi. My name is Thomas and I want to be on the src in 2015. For me to be on the SRC I need you to answer this question; Will YOU vote for me? My before my speech ends you will know WHY you will want to vote for me…

I would like to share my traits with you. I am responsible and a positive thinker. I am a great communicator with both staff and students AND I am creative and motivational.

I believe that I display the four core values of the school everyday and with a little teamwork we can all demonstrate Respect, Care, Cooperation and Responsibilty.

Vote for me because I believe that everyone has a right to be listened to and your say counts – big time!

I have attended this school for the past six years and have proudly represented in events such as multicultural speaking, the ANZAC March, the school band and environmental projects.

How will I help not only the SRC but, the school? There’s a lot of work to do behind the scenes you know!

Participation. Have you ever felt left out and that you just walk around the playground by yourself? If I were on the src, I would organise new activities so that you can feel included and make new friends, then you’re not alone!

Fundraising. I think it is a fantastic idea to raise money for worthy causes and would be more than willing to help encourage families and staff to donate!

Interaction. Don’t you think assemblies would be even better if you let ME assist with the technology?

Now that you’ve heard my speech, I hope you’ve chosen. Just make the right decision and vote for me. If you vote for me, all the stress will be lifted off your shoulders – i promise!

Thanks for listening.

Well, what do you think? Is it good enough that I might be chosen into the SRC? Make the right choice… 😉


You guys all know what coding or programming is? Yes? Well… I’ve been studying and experimenting with Scratch, Python and Hopscotch (iPad/iPod/iPhone) and, I think it’s really fun. It can be difficult at times and sometimes you will need help but that’s what coding’s there for. To challenge you, make you think, let you mind wonder and be creative and most of all, it’s there for you to have fun and to see the magic of the computer sitting right next to you (However, it could possibly be your phone or tablet next to you but still, you get the picture). Get out there, explore the Scratch community, watch videos, explore the Hopscotch community and have fun. See you in the community.

From Smallest to Biggest!

Do you know what it feels like to be the smallest and then – in one day, be one of the biggest? If you know what it feels like, then this is what I’m experiencing. A few months ago, one of my school friends and I started a clan. His name was Jacko. Yesterday, I went to a sleepover at his house and we worked hard on getting members for our clan “fury gods pvp”. We have now got 14 members or so. We have wars every second weekend and anyone who joins gets free elder. If you would like to help make this clan bigger, come and join fury gods pvp and look for Thomas and Jacko – the two users that created that clan. See you there!

New iPad!

Just this afternoon, I went to Leading Edge Computers to buy my very own iPad Air 64GB Space Grey Model. I am now typing on my iPad and I am getting quite attached now. I have saved up since year 2 for this so, this is a big achievement. Also, sorry for not posting in AGES! I’m not getting very much inspiration these holidays. So, if you’ve got any things I should talk about, I would really appreciate it.

Clash of Clans News Flash!

Just a quick update. I had to change the clan arrangement. I am now in another small cozy clan and will not put it on just in case the leader doesn’t want me to. I will also probably be changing the “Minecraft” category into the “Minecraft and CoC” CoC standing for Clash of Clans.

A New Style

Hi There! So, You’re probably wondering “why is this post in all of the categories – except for polls?”

Well, it includes all the categories because, yesterday, I tried something (I tried to see if I download an iOS 7 app on my iPod Touch 4th generation, would it downgrade to iOS 6 format? It did!). So now, I can post post wherever I am, whenever I like! As long as I have wifi. That’s why it’s in all the categories – because I’ll be talking about them on iPod now as well!!! I can’t make a poll to go on this, so I didn’t think of putting in the Polls category. To finish of on a happy note, YAY 🙂 I can finally post posts from my iDevice, which is nearly always in my pocket and nearly always, connected to wifi.

Clash Of Clans

I have now got Clash of Clans on my iPod!!! 🙂 YAY! 😉 I have been playing on it for quite sometime now (Sorry for the slow posting – my computer is in the rumpus and it’s REALLY BAD wifi here!) but I haven’t been able to post it. I have built my clan castle and I have my own clan. If you would like to join, my clan is BeaverTroops. If you join please say that you’re from my blog – Chimping Around. Elder is free and we need 5 more members until we can start a war. So… Come and join!!!

Back To School

Alarm clock ringing, I wake up. I turn off my alarm and realise it’s Tuesday morning. Schools starting. The start of term 3. I make breakfast, get dressed, the usual “getting ready for school” procedure.

In class, not much has changed. The artworks are the same, the seating is the same, we’re all tired and wanting one more day of holidays. Recess is great! Only, one of my best friends were sick! 😦  I have lots of other friends but, it’s just not the same without him.

On Wednesday, I go to the CWA Hall for a Botswana judging. Last term, we did a Botswana project. It was fun and two people from our school placed highly commended! Then, out of the little kids, two groups of two placed first and encouragement.

On Thursday, I went to “Gifted and Talented – Science and Technology” as my technology teacher is overseas at the moment, we are doing the science part. For the activity, you go to this website: http://www.wetlandseec.schoolwebsites.com.au/wet-and-wild.aspx

It’s a wet and wild project so, every Monday, they release new clues to what the selected plant, animal or insect might be. The first clues are released this Monday coming up (Australian Time). The link provided tells you most of the information and if you’re a student that’s interested, tell your teacher. They can make teams for your school and that way, you can compete. I’m sure it’s going to be lots of fun!

RetroMacOS Theme

You may have noticed that I have changed the theme to the RetroMacOS Theme. Things are a little different now. It turns out I was looking for another theme and as I was scrolling down, I found this theme! Fortunately, I couldn’t find that theme (I was looking at my Dad’s blog and I liked the look of the theme) and so I chose this one instead! 🙂

You’ll find to your right (—->) that there is date archives and if you scroll down even further, you’ll find the categories. If you go to the bottom of the page, you’ll find the subscribe to me button. One of the reasons I chose this theme other than the fact that I saw it when I was scrolling down is because I used to have an old iMac V9.3 and I love most things related to Apple and Mac. It’s amazing how many Apple related themes there are!

So, that’s my new theme!


New Mac!

Remember that post called “What Have You Done Now?”

Yes? Well, Just two days ago my dad pulled one of the smaller iMacs out of his wardrobe. It’s quite big and now there’s two computers for two children and the other two can do something else. Lucky for us kids, we have a wide range of technology in our house – not only computers. So, if my little brother and sister wanted to play technology when my other little brother and me were playing the two computers, they’d be able to play Mum’s iPad either together or singleplayer or they could play the Nintendo Wii. We can swap at a suitable time or someone gets from before breakfast to breakfast then from breakfast to lunch and then lunch to about 4 or 5:00 depending on what time we have lunch and then from 4/5:00 to dinner and so on. Although our family are great at sharing, sometimes we do have little fusses about who’s on which technology first. We also have a wide range of other activities. A trampoline, books, colouring in’s, etc.

So it is the holidays and everyone will get a turn at something! Have a Happy Holidays!