My Morning Routine (For School)

Hello Fellow Chimps and I apologise for not posting on the 1st & 2nd of Feb, I had lots of organising to do. Today I’m going to post about my morning routine because I’ve was told that if you do it, it can help lots of people. Usually, girls would do this but being a Boy that’s starting High school as a student, this could be useful for anyone who’s in the same situation as myself. On with the post:

6:20 – Radio turns on and I listen to it for ten or so minutes.

6:30 – Radio turns off and buzzer sounds, telling me to get out of bed.

6:35 – Take drink bottle of the freezer, fill it up with water and put it in my bag.

6:40 – Make breakfast (Usually Cereal.)

6:50 – Eating breakfast.

7:00 – Wash up my dishes, and go and my brush my teeth and put deodorant on.

7:15 – Get clothes out of wardrobe and put them on.

7:20 – Help mum pack the lunch boxes.

7:30 – Do my hair

7:40 Put my lunchbox in my bag and make sure I have everything I need for the day.

7:45 to 7:55 – Relax, watch TV, practice piano or go on my iPad and check emails, etc.

8:00 – Check again to make sure I have everything, say goodbye to everybody and walk out the door and down the street to the bus stop.

8:15 – Catch the bus to school!

That was about it!

I like doing this, I might do an evening routine tomorrow. If you are a student, try what I do or tell me in the comments if you have a different routine! The image that I used in this post belongs to I did not make the image, and I didn’t intend for copyright, for all of you wondering. 🙂

Until Tomorrow,

Be Free, Be Chimps!



Winner, Winner!

Yesterday was the last day of school and I was in my school’s Talent Show, twice. The first time I played ‘Demons’ by Imagine Dragons and by the end, my stage was singing the song. Then, I got changed into my “Taylor Swift” outfit. When it was my group’s turn, there was a bit of a scramble. The curtains were closed and I walked on. Once the curtains opened, everyone saw me and laughed. My group did a Lip Sync Battle Act and people just kept on laughing. It was then time for the judges to make their decision on who would get places. Third was announced, then second and finally – first. MY GROUP CAME FIRST!!! We found out that the winner gets a $15 Myer Gift voucher so that was nice! Then, we went to the pool. We had to get out of the pool twice because of the lightning, and I left my money in my bag at school so I didn’t get to buy anything for lunch 😦 .

So I enjoyed my last day of school, and my last Talent Quest. Also, I have got a bunch of Sunday posts ready for you as I got my school books back and their chock-full of stories to post! I hope all of my friends that read my blog enjoy their holidays and I hope to see you in the very near future!

I Won An Award!

Last night was my school’s presentation night, and me being in year 6 (my final year), it was pretty special. 

The band started the night off, welcoming people to the venue, and playing the national anthem at the start of the night. We then had the class awards for math, English, etc. and I got one for Progress in English!

After that, we started with the Major Sport Awards. One girl I know, got heaps of sporting awards (I have to admit, she’s better that I ever will be!). Then we moved on to the major awards. I was interested and willing to receive any, trust me. The awards went by, with some of my friends getting awards that they really did deserve, and the award description suited them all. They then announced the L.H Ford Award for Citizenship. My description was: 

This award is in memory of Lesley Hunter Ford who displayed civic pride in and contribution toward the City of Dubbo. L.H. Ford was an alderman and mayor of the city of Dubbo and later the State member of parliament. This award is the longest continually presented award at this school, being first awarded in 1967. Fittingly, the L.H. Ford Award  for Citizenship will be presented this evening by Member for Dubbo and NSW Deputy Premier, the Honourable Mr Troy Grant. The recipient of this award displays a responsible attitude, a polite and friendly nature, positive interaction with staff, peers and members of the wider school community. They must also be an excellent role model for younger students, be reliable and be able to carry out tasks without hesitation. They should display kindness and care for those around them, have given time to volunteer duties and respected the rights of others. The 2015 recipient of the L.H. Ford Award for Citizenship is Thomas.

Yay! I have a feeling I’ll be using some of those characteristics in a few job interviews in years to come.

 My dad posted it on Facebook and he received all sorts of comments. From his old music teacher: “He takes after his father.”

to a teacher from my school that works with my mum: “He takes after his mother.” 

She was apparently trying to stir my dad up. 😂
After that, the Year 6 graduation certificates were handed out and the band played our school song to “farewell” them.

School Fete #2!

Today my school held my last and best school fete I could ever imagine! Our school holds the fete every second year so as I’m in year 6 it will be my last school fete. This year some members of the School Senior band did busking either in a group, pair or individual. Altogether we made over $100. There were also about three special people who donated $5. It doesn’t sound like much but, when you think about what we were doing and how old we are – that’s pretty good! My friends and I also spent nearly an hour on the piano playing songs and teaching each other how to play. Good times!

My class was actually running the lolly stall, which is always a big hit but personally – I think we did the best job out of all the years! We had so many lollies, here are just a few: 

  • Candy Floss
  • Mixed Lollies (Snakes, teeth – party mix basically)
  • Lolly Pops
  • Piklets
  • Popcorn
  • Teacups
  • Chocolate Cars
  • Sherbets and Wizz Fizzes and sour stuff
  • Fads
  • Fizzers

Yeah, if you think that’s a lot then you should of come to our stall and saw how many more we had. Also keep in mind that we had lots of stock so we were keeping lots of lollies in our classroom. If this helps you imagine how many we had – our class (30 something students) could have lived on them for at least a week, we had so many!

Lip Syncing Was A Success!

Yes, the lip syncing and class party was amazing! One person pulled however another person replaced him so it was all good. The party went well as well. There were lots of delicious foods. Best end of term party ever! I lip synced to Shake it Off by Taylor Swift and Wrecking Ball by Miley Cyrus. My other friends lip synced to hits like Fancy by Iggy Azalea and Just the Way You Are by Bruno Mars. So epic!

Holidays are Here!

From this afternoon onwards, it will be the holidays! Today is the last day of Term 3 and it is a girl in my class’s last day of school. To say farewell (and to celebrate the last day of term) we are having a surprise class party. A group of my friends and I will be lip syncing for entertainment. I can’t wait! It’s going to be so funny! Let’s see how it goes.

Kids Teaching Kids

Yesterday, I participated in a Kids Teaching Kids Day. There were so many other schools and my school got to be the host! I presented my group’s workshop twice and everybody seemed interesting. I learnt how to make a nesting box and how cows create a lot of methane! They were all awesome. My group’s topic was Feral Cats, Stray Cats and Domestic Cats and how they’re ruining the environment. The overall topic that everybody’s topic had to relate to was something like Creating A Sustainable Environment. The day was featured on ABC Western’s website and my local newspaper. We also created a website for the people that attended our workshop and you can visit it at:   We share facts, games you can play outside/lessons for kids, blogging about KTK (Kids Teaching Kids) and a bunch of other awesome stuff. Go check it out!

Also, here’s some photos of things that I got on the day (I used these things in my workshop):

 This is what I played as in my group’s skit.  

Here’s a business card for a feral scan website. You should start scanning. Help us remove feral animals!


Here’s another Feral Scan thing – except it’s for cats! Start scanning with this one as well!   
Here’s the back of the card pictured above. As you can see it’s available on the App Store and Google Play Store so go get it!


The Sydney Excursion

Day 1

Last week, early Wednesday morning, I was up getting ready for my school’s Year 5 & 6 Excursion to Sydney. I was a tad late so I was the last one on the double decker bus. I got to sit up the front – yay! We were on the road by 7:00AM though, just like our schedule said. We travelled for about an hour and a half and the we had a toilet/stretch stop. I didn’t need to go to the toilet so I just talked with my friends because – as I was late, I didn’t get time to catch up with them earlier. Once we were back on the bus we travelled for another two or three hours. WARNING: IF YOU ARE EATING, BE AWARE OF WHAT COMES NEXT. Because I sat up the front, I got to see anyone who spewed or was about to spew – lucky me! The good news was, there were actually only two or so people who really spewed though, so it wasn’t that bad. It was about 10:00AM when we stopped at Mt Piper Power Station for recess. We enjoyed a tour of the power station, I had to wear a hard hat and glasses. I thought everyone looked funny. We also got to wear a thing that looked like a hair net called a snood. I like the name, I think it just rolls of the tongue. There, I learnt that smoke doesn’t actually come out of those big tube things, steam does! Near the end of the tour, we were given the opportunity to find some coal that had fallen off the conveyor belt. I found a small piece of coal but as we were walking away, I found a bigger piece and “upgraded”. At one stage, I thought I’d found a ginormous piece of coal but it turned out to be wombat poo. I found out that coal is a baby diamond. The excursion had only started a couple of hours ago, and it was already so educational! We then went back on the bus and travelled for what seemed like AGES! When we stopped for lunch we had arrived at Scenic World/The Three Sisters. I got to ride what is said to be the most steepest railway in the world and go through a beautiful rainforest. After that, we hopped on the bus and didn’t get off until we arrived at the Collaroy Centre, Collaroy, Sydney. We unpacked and rolled our suitcases down a very steep hill to where our rooms were. When we got into our rooms, I was pleasantly surprised. Two small bathrooms, space dedicated for our bags, more space for us to do stuff. This was awesome! Everyone in my cabin were so amazing as well. Some people had showers and then we went up some more hills to get to the dining area. For dinner, we had lamb and vegetables. I’m not a big fan of lamb but, it was still quite delicious. For dessert, we had a nice vanilla muffin, which was – like – the best dessert I had ever tasted! My tastebuds were going insane! After dinner I had a shower and everyone (about 65 or so people) watched ‘Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day’. It’s such a good movie. Then we went to bed. I fell asleep almost straight away but apparently one person in my cabin was pretending to be Star FM and was singing songs. I imagined it was quite funny.

Day 2

We were up bright and early and were eating breakfast by 7:00AM. I had (poached?) egg, half of an English muffin, a slice of toast and some other delicious stuff. After I finished that, I noticed they had cereal so, I decided I had enough room to fit in some rice bubbles, which I hadn’t had for ages! We got a very strong cup of orange juice (which was amazing!) to wash down everything. When I first tasted it, I thought it was because I had recently brushed my teeth and the “mintyness” was getting into the taste of the juice but, it was just how strong the orange juice was. Once we left the Collaroy Center, we were off to The Rocks. We got to go on the Harbour Bridge! Going through it looked amazing, because I was up on the top deck so I could see up pretty high. When we got off we were sorted into groups. I was with one of my friends but the other friend was in another group. In our groups, we got to go on a tour of The Rocks and I learnt lots about the history of Sydney. It was so fun and educational! Then we got on the bus to go to the Sydney Aquarium. When we got there, we split back up into our groups and walked around. It was awesome seeing all the fish and using the interactive stuff. There were lots of hills and my legs got tired quickly. I bought an awesome thing that had a picture of the Opera House on it. Then we walked to Madame Tassuads. Everything looked so real! We hopped on the bus again and travelled to Hyde Park Barracks. It was fun – I learnt how to get in a hammock properly! We then travelled back to the Collaroy Center and rested for a while. Then we had dinner – Spaghetti Bolognaise with vegetables and, for dessert – delicious vanilla flavoured stuff and a yummy cookie! After that, we got back on the bus and headed for the Sydney Tower Eye. We got to watch a 4-D Movie about the Tower. Then we went on the elevator to the very top. My ears popped a couple times on the way up, but it was worth it. The view is awesome up there! You can see pretty far out! It looked extra pretty, because it was nighttime and everything was lit up. Then we came back to the Center and had showers and supper. Supper was one of those cookies again, very delicious! Then that was pretty much it for Day 2.

Day 3

We woke up earlier than Day 2 and packed our bags. Then we rolled them up a really steep hill to get to the bus and put the suitcases in the boot. I was halfway there when I realised I had left my bathroom bag in my room and I hadn’t done my hair. So I rushed back to get it and my suitcase was just standing there for five minutes! It must of looked weird to other people. Once I put my luggage in the bus we went and had breakfast. I had sausages, barbecued tomatoes, scrambled eggs and some other stuff that I can’t remember. I don’t like eggs so I didn’t eat the egg, but once I finished that, I helped myself to some yogurt and the days chosen fruit, peaches! It was delicious!!! Then we hopped on the bus and travelled to this Captain Cook Cruises place to catch a ferry. The ride was fun and extremely windy! My hair was all over the place! When we got off we went to Luna Park. I liked that! I went on the Ferris Wheel with one of my friends, then I went on this ride called the Hair raiser with another one of my friends. On the ride, it takes you up really high slow then drops you really fast and catches you before you hit the bottom. My friend and I had a bet where whoever screamed had to go on a ride that the other person chose. She screamed a lot! Our bet didn’t really go into action, though. I then went on the Dodgems with two of my friends. We kept bumping each other! Then we went to a funny island place and there were some cool rides there. I especially liked the really extreme, steep slide. It was the ride that I screamed on. After all that madness, we had lunch and headed to ANZ Stadium. We got to run out on the field, go into the change rooms and see how the stadium worked. I learnt that when I watch the football that’s played on it, the chairs actually moved in to make a rectangle. How cool is that?! After that amazing tour, we got on the bus and started to travel home. We stopped at about 6:00PM or 7:00PM for dinner at Maccas. I had a Big Mac with Fries and a Coke. Then we got back on the bus again and headed for home. We arrived at my school for pickup at about 10:30PM. I was at home and in bed by 11:45PM! I was very tired! That was the end of Day 3! I hope you enjoyed my recount of my amazing excursion and, if you did – give thi post a like!

Now, here are some photos of some things:

 My Baby Diamond (Coal):  

My Snood. This is what I wore around the Power Station and I also used it to hold my coal in Day 2 and 3.

This is my souvenier that I bought at the Sydney Darling Harbour Aquarium. I love the colours in it!

I love the colours in this. The trip will always be remembered! 

My Back-To-School Guide

OK, so I’m going to admit, I totally forgot about this! I’ve came up with something on the spot called My Back To School Guide. Here’s a list of what you really need for school in Term 3. Well, where I live, it’s Week 2 Term 3. However, you might of started Term 3 five weeks ago, you might of started Term 3 this week – whatever the situation, here’s my list of what you really need because, let’s be real, do you really need that fancy, new, expensive laptop? No!

Primary School List

  • A sharp pencil or two 
  • A nice pen that’s about half way or more full of ink
  • A clean eraser*
  • A refreshed brain 

 High School List 

  • A calculator 
  • A pen full of ink (I’d say a full one is better than a half full one when you’re in high school)
  • A sharp pencil or two, or three
  • Two clean erasers*
  • A refreshed brain 
  • A mobile phone – for emergencies 

University/College List

  • A few pens
  • Quite a couple of pencils
  • Around 4 clean erasers*
  • A refreshed brain
  • A mobile phone – for anything
  • A laptop – I’m no college/university expert but I’d say that as long as it had a word processor, it can create and share presentations and can browse the Internet, It would be a computer you could use 
  • If not a laptop a tablet – it can pretty much do the same as above (Text Editing, Presentation creating, Internet browsing, etc.)

*Here’s a trick for cleaning dirty erasers:

  1. Find a blank piece of paper
  2. Get the dirty part of your eraser and using all your muscle, rub out the blank paper. You should start seeing the rubber getting cleaner
  3. Continue


She needs to learn to let go. People move on, and life keeps moving forward. She needs to remember that.

It’s some powerful advice, right?! That is from a 12/13 year old girl. You see, I know some people (Year 6 and Year 7) that used to be friends – when they both went to the same school. You can probably tell that now they are in two different schools, but they still text. The year 6 student has moved on from the year 7 student however, the year 7 hasn’t. Everybody needs to learn that people do move on and sometimes others are left behind. So, if you see someone upset, think of what could be happening with their family or friends. Thanks for understand. 🙂

Go the Ollies!

I know that sounds like something a rugby follower would say but – it’s not. I was lucky enough to be selected in my school’s debating team and, our team is called the Ollies. On the past Monday, I versed one school and won!!! Now, on the coming Wednesday, I get to go onto the next round and verse another school! Let’s hope my team can progress more! Yay!

What Makes A Good Storybook?

A group of students in my class are starting this project about Feral Animals (Due to privacy reasons, their names cannot be published. There are four students doing it – including myself). We have to make a storybook about our chosen Feral Animal from Australia. However, what makes a good storybook? My mum – a Kindergarten teacher – gave me some tips on what makes a good book for little kids but, the project wants something that’s for both little kids and big kids so – what makes a good storybook for primary schools? The group had some ideas for design. We were thinking of having an illustration as the background with the text and a real life photo on top (something easily done with an app called PicCollage). I don’t know. If you have any suggestions please comment and we’ll be sure to take them onboard – and most likely use them. Thanks for all your help. 😄


As most Australians know, it was ANZAC Day on Saturday (two days ago). “Happy ANZAC Day” isn’t really the term  I use for ANZAC Day but – maybe you do? Since it has been 100 years since the landing at Gallipoli, my city had a sleep out in the football field. I didn’t go but I heard that there were movies until very early in the morning. One of my classmates even slept through the bugle – twice!!! Most people who went to the sleepover also went to the Dawn Service. I didn’t go to that either but I think marching with our school makes up for most of it. It was such an honour to march with our school. Everyone was dressed in their uniform, the teachers were happy and I was near my friends. I think it was the best ANZAC March I’ve ever done! So for the next few days, I would like all the Australians that read my blog to think about how lucky we are to be in this protected country. Lest we Forget.

My Brother’s Shaving His Head!

Yes, my brother is shaving his head for the leukaemia foundation. There are staff from my school doing it and some other kids might be signing up as well. If you would like to sponsor my school’s team, click on this link. 

.P.S. The reason why I made the link to text is because it’s so long but if you really want to be safe in case the link has a virus (it doesn’t) here is the link:

What Makes Me Better???

Thanks for everything! I just checked my stats and I’ve had a bit over 1,445 views. Wow! But now, I want to ask you what makes me better? What makes you want to come back for more? Tell me some things in the comments or in a poll (if I can figure out how to make one on iPad 😊)

Somebody Special Comes To Visit

On Monday, after recess my school had a special visitor – Guy Sebastian! Guy is going around Australia and came to where I live first for a warm-up concert. He is SO NICE!!! I went to the concert last night and he was amazing. Our school even got a mention. Although, he called us South-East instead of South and the music teacher who organised the visit to our school was there and shouted out “SOUTH! WE’RE IN THE SOUTH!” Now, there’s almost NO CHANCE that Guy would read this post or – even – my blog! But if he ever did read this post;
Guy your songs are awesome!

I know, I know, it’s a short message but – he’s a superstar. You often get stuck on saying things to amazing people – people that are kind and caring and want to make a difference in the world. I encourage all readers to help Guy make a difference by contributing to the Sebastian Foundation or World Vision to help others that are less fortunate then us.

By the way, Guy Sebastian sang a song and it was so sad and he started crying. Just thought you should know…

2014 in review

The stats helper monkeys prepared a 2014 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

A San Francisco cable car holds 60 people. This blog was viewed about 460 times in 2014. If it were a cable car, it would take about 8 trips to carry that many people.

Click here to see the complete report.

SRC 2015

This year, I got nominated for the SRC and I have to prepare a speech. There a LOT of other students trying to get in so I need to try and make my speech stand out the most. Here is what I wrote for my speech.

Hi. My name is Thomas and I want to be on the src in 2015. For me to be on the SRC I need you to answer this question; Will YOU vote for me? My before my speech ends you will know WHY you will want to vote for me…

I would like to share my traits with you. I am responsible and a positive thinker. I am a great communicator with both staff and students AND I am creative and motivational.

I believe that I display the four core values of the school everyday and with a little teamwork we can all demonstrate Respect, Care, Cooperation and Responsibilty.

Vote for me because I believe that everyone has a right to be listened to and your say counts – big time!

I have attended this school for the past six years and have proudly represented in events such as multicultural speaking, the ANZAC March, the school band and environmental projects.

How will I help not only the SRC but, the school? There’s a lot of work to do behind the scenes you know!

Participation. Have you ever felt left out and that you just walk around the playground by yourself? If I were on the src, I would organise new activities so that you can feel included and make new friends, then you’re not alone!

Fundraising. I think it is a fantastic idea to raise money for worthy causes and would be more than willing to help encourage families and staff to donate!

Interaction. Don’t you think assemblies would be even better if you let ME assist with the technology?

Now that you’ve heard my speech, I hope you’ve chosen. Just make the right decision and vote for me. If you vote for me, all the stress will be lifted off your shoulders – i promise!

Thanks for listening.

Well, what do you think? Is it good enough that I might be chosen into the SRC? Make the right choice… 😉

On The First Day Of Summer

On the first day of summer, what do you do? Go to the pool? Nope. Go to the water park? Nope. Stay at school, hot and doing work? Yes. Sure, I like school and all but wouldn’t it be nice if you could just stay home? Well, positive side, at least I GET to go home. However, I don’t get to go to the pool or anything like that.

I haven’t done a poll in a while so here’s one for you:


OK so, I’ve had about a year and a half on here and I’ve got 945 views! From nearly all over the globe?! OMG!!! Some of you are probably like “Huh! 945 views isn’t much!” But you forget, I’m just a regular guy that goes to primary school. A KID. To me and to any other kid in my school who might own a blog, would think that’s GREAT! Thanks so much. Same thing with my following; 20 followers or something and I’m only a kid?! Think of it like you see a channel on YouTube and it’s only got 20 followers. That’s ok but if a kid owned that channel they’d probably go off their tree because 1) They’re on of the most viral video networks on the internet and, 2) They just hit 20 subscribers! Could you imagine if that was you when you were a kid? Thanks again and I’ll try and post more;


30 out of 36!

Now, You’re Probably thinking “30 out of 36 for what?!” Well, I did a number assessment in my maths class and, I got (I think) 30 out of 36 questions right! Wow! Considering I’m only in year 5 and I’m in a class with 20-30 kids in it, that’s pretty good. Let’s hope I do that well with my measurement and patterns and algebra assessments. 😄


OK, first order of business, sorry for not posting over the last few weeks (I need inspiration – HELP!!!). This week is NAIDOC Week! 5 points goes to the person who can comment the correct answer for what NAIDOC stands for. Competition on until 30th September 2014 (Australian Dates). This week, at school, we had rotational activities, (I was a group leader! 🙂
Cooking “Johnny Cakes” – To make them at home, add flour, water, salt and knead. Then, put it on the BBQ or saucepan. Serve with any tipping you want – we had a guest speaker, outdoor games and face painting. You should of seen how much work our two AECG staff put into making this week perfect. An assembly was held on Monday morning where we had to returned soldiers tell us about their experiences.

A New Style

Hi There! So, You’re probably wondering “why is this post in all of the categories – except for polls?”

Well, it includes all the categories because, yesterday, I tried something (I tried to see if I download an iOS 7 app on my iPod Touch 4th generation, would it downgrade to iOS 6 format? It did!). So now, I can post post wherever I am, whenever I like! As long as I have wifi. That’s why it’s in all the categories – because I’ll be talking about them on iPod now as well!!! I can’t make a poll to go on this, so I didn’t think of putting in the Polls category. To finish of on a happy note, YAY 🙂 I can finally post posts from my iDevice, which is nearly always in my pocket and nearly always, connected to wifi.