Go Guy Sebastian!

Most of you know that the Eurovision Song Contest was on over the weekend with Sweden winning and Guy Sebastian coming fifth! Yay. That night was so good when I heard the news! His song was called Tonight Again and it’s so up-beat! You can watch the live replay of him here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H0EhhZWXTng


What Makes Me Better???

Thanks for everything! I just checked my stats and I’ve had a bit over 1,445 views. Wow! But now, I want to ask you what makes me better? What makes you want to come back for more? Tell me some things in the comments or in a poll (if I can figure out how to make one on iPad 😊)

Somebody Special Comes To Visit

On Monday, after recess my school had a special visitor – Guy Sebastian! Guy is going around Australia and came to where I live first for a warm-up concert. He is SO NICE!!! I went to the concert last night and he was amazing. Our school even got a mention. Although, he called us South-East instead of South and the music teacher who organised the visit to our school was there and shouted out “SOUTH! WE’RE IN THE SOUTH!” Now, there’s almost NO CHANCE that Guy would read this post or – even – my blog! But if he ever did read this post;
Guy your songs are awesome!

I know, I know, it’s a short message but – he’s a superstar. You often get stuck on saying things to amazing people – people that are kind and caring and want to make a difference in the world. I encourage all readers to help Guy make a difference by contributing to the Sebastian Foundation or World Vision to help others that are less fortunate then us.

By the way, Guy Sebastian sang a song and it was so sad and he started crying. Just thought you should know…

2014 in review

The WordPress.com stats helper monkeys prepared a 2014 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

A San Francisco cable car holds 60 people. This blog was viewed about 460 times in 2014. If it were a cable car, it would take about 8 trips to carry that many people.

Click here to see the complete report.

If I Give You A Hug…

Merry Christmas to all! It was Christmas Day yesterday for me but I know that for some, it’s today. The funniest thing happened to me yesterday at Christmas Lunch.

I brought my iPad and was playing ‘Jingle Bell Rock’ on it and my one year old cousin started bopping along. When the song changed, she started trying to open the flap of my iPad – probably trying to change the song, but – when I didn’t let her open it, she stood up, and gave me a big hug – one that I enjoyed, mind you – and then sat back down and tried to open it again! If she’s thinking I’ll give him a hug and he’ll let me open his iPad, then she’s one smart baby! She pulled my hand away from my iPad and tried again. This “Game” went on for minutes, each time, getting a hug from my cute little cousin. I hope you have a great Christmas! I got a new watch (I really needed that). Here’s a comment question:

What did you get from “Santa Claus”???

Julia’s Variety Gala

Last night, My family went to my sister’s ballet variety gala. It was great. I saw some girls that I new from school as well. There was an intermission and – we all know what that means – something to eat and drink! We shared a waterbottle, A kit-kat and some malteasers. It was funny, entertaining and very bright. A great night with bed at 11:50.

PS – Sorry for not posting in ages, I’ve still got drafts to finish and its just because of me being in year 5 with lots more work. Thanks for your consideration. 😀

Piano Exams 2014

Yesterday, around 11:25AM my dad came and picked me up to take me to my piano exams. Getting some muffins out of my bag for morning tea and a hot chocolate (from the Fast Lane drive-thru coffee), we head off for my piano teacher’s house. It was a new examiner and she was really nice and made me feel quite comfortable. I played Jig for my List A, Valse Triste for my List B, Foot Tapper (remember?) for my List C and Surfboard Boogie for my extra. For my scales, I mucked up on F Major and B Minor. I was thinking to myself “Please don’t pick B Minor, Please don’t pick B Minor.” And she chose be minor. It’s like she was reading my mind! Although, at the end of the day, I did OK and she was really nice. Going into Grade 3 ready for next year’s exams. 😦

A New Style

Hi There! So, You’re probably wondering “why is this post in all of the categories – except for polls?”

Well, it includes all the categories because, yesterday, I tried something (I tried to see if I download an iOS 7 app on my iPod Touch 4th generation, would it downgrade to iOS 6 format? It did!). So now, I can post post wherever I am, whenever I like! As long as I have wifi. That’s why it’s in all the categories – because I’ll be talking about them on iPod now as well!!! I can’t make a poll to go on this, so I didn’t think of putting in the Polls category. To finish of on a happy note, YAY 🙂 I can finally post posts from my iDevice, which is nearly always in my pocket and nearly always, connected to wifi.

The Lego Movie

Last Friday, I had dinner on the lounge with my family and we watched “The Lego Movie”

It’s actually quite good! All of my friends said “Oh… It’s not that good” But I really liked it! The song Everything is Awesome is not only a hit in my family but a really big hit at school. Do you like The Lego Movie? What other movies do you like?

The Sound Of Music

During music and drama this term at my school Stage 3 have been studying the wonderful movie “The Sound of Music” and the music and drama teacher has organised an excursion to the Christian school to see the play “The Sound of Music”.

Stage 3 went this Thursday and I thought it was great! When I came back home, I went on YouTube and learnt to play “Do Re Mi” on the piano. It was a really fun day!

Guy Sebastian’s Newish Single – Like A Drum

Through school 2013, my class learned to sing Like A Drum. Everyone loves it and my music teacher says it actually has a meaning. It’s not inappropriate like lots of songs and it’s about what happens to a lot of people in my school. We really like it!!! I rate it 9 1/2!

Sing Along Music Class

Music is my 2nd favourite subject. I just love playing piano for my class and singing. We once wrote a letter to Guy Sebastian. At the moment my class and I having been learning a new song called Keep On for Music Count Us In. Are you doing Music Count Us In – Keep On?

In The Swing…

On Sunday I went to a jazz concert. It was SO much fun. We even listened to Micheal Buble! I think the name of the band was called The Big Navy Band or something like that.

Piano Is Fun!

As you know, I have been learning piano since I was in year 1. After I had my exam I moved into grade 2. Now I have to start practising for the next exam. My list B is a cool blues/jazz piece called “Foot Tapper”. You can look it up on YouTube. But piano is SO fun for leisure or for work.

Piano Exams

Ever since I was in year 1 I was learning piano. Now i’m in grade 2 after having my exams on Friday.  The Examiner made me feel really nervous. The songs I played were: Tarantella, Dance and prayer. I also did scales. I just couldn’t get the C and G major together right. I got so frustrated! Afterward my piano teacher said to have a “Man Milkshake” I had a chocolate thickshake and my dad  had a caramel thickshake. Then we went to my dad’s school. I just played a Windows 7 laptop.exams