The Legendary Grandma

Helllooo! New episode of Mildred’s Adventures has arrived, enjoy!!


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Mildred’s Adventures So1 Eo6 The Legendary Grandma
So, since Mildred played cricket with those three boys, she hasn’t stopped. They call her the ‘Legendary Grandma’, they think she is the best cricket player of all time.
She even plays games in front of a massive crowd on the weekends, everyone thinks she’s awesome.
Just recently she was on the cover of the Sports mag, they interviewed her, they were shocked she had only been playing for 2 months.
Mildred has a game on Friday, like always, everyone goes just to see the ‘Legendary Grandma’. The crowds are full of children, adults and even elders.
Mildred heard that a pro cricketeer was going to be at her upcoming game, Harry Winsel. She was excited to have a professional watch her play. Harry is around 28 years old, his manager told him about her a week after she was noticed. He thought she would just be a one hit wonder but she wasn’t.
It is the day, the day Harry watches the game.
Mildred was the first batter, she was so calm about playing every time there was a game.
She went on to field and got herself ready, head protection on, bat freely hanging. Mildred could hardly care where the cricket bat was, she knew she would hit the ball either way.
3, 2, 1. The ball came at her like lightning but she hit it like thunder. She made a few runs, after her time was up, she was dancing like a wild goose. Everyone was cheering for her.
After a talk with his manager, Harry decided to offer Mildred a spot on his team. Without hesitating, Mildred accepted, she didn’t care about going back to her retirement home, she would rather become the worlds greatest cricket legend.
Hope you loved the new episode.
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The Big Bash

Hellloooo!! I’m posting a new episode of Mildred’s Adventures. Since the last one was really short, I made this one a bit longer.


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Mildred’s Adventure
So1 Eo5 The Big Bash
Mildred thought about getting active even though she was 86 years old. She had always had a thing for cricket, so she decided to walk around and spot some kids playing.
After 30 minutes of searching, Mildred finally found three kids playing. She asked to play and they laughed but agreed instantly.
She was batting with a plastic bat, one of the young boys were getting ready to bowl. 3, 2, 1, the boy threw the ball straight towards Mildred. It came closer and closer, then suddely she hit the ball. The hit was crazy, the ball went higher and higher until you saw a little star flash where it disappeared.
Mildred was a bit sad because she thought she did something wrong since the ball vanished in thin air.
“Sorry kids, I didn’t mean to make your ball disappear.”
The boys explained that she did nothing wrong, her hit was awesome.
Mildred just started jumping in joy with a giant smile growing on her face. She was so happy, she felt like a cricket legend.
Mildred was so ecstatic that she went back to the retirement home and told them great news. Like before, the elders didn’t believe her ‘made-up story’.
Hope you enjoyed.
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Schlanta and his Schleindeers

Hellloo!! This is a new episode of Mildred’s Adventures!!


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Mildred’s Adventures So1 Eo4
Schlanta and his Schleindeers
Mildred doesn’t like Christmas, because she hates giving presents but enjoys getting them.
Mildred and her cat were walking in the streets being bored like always, until they came across a big, red cart. Well, at least that’s what she thinks it is. Attached to the front of the cart was 10 schleindeer, they each had collars with their name on it.
Kyshy, Kashey, Marshey, Dawshy, Tomshy, Emshy, Hamshy, Jonshy, Elshy and Lilshy. They were strange names, they weren’t even reindeers, they were schleindeers. What is a schleindeer?!
A second later, she saw something come out of a chimney top. It was a fat man dressed in a red suit with a red hat on his white hair. She knew who it was, but didn’t at the same time. His name was Schlanta and he owned the schleindeers.
It was a big surprise to Mildred and her cat, their mouths were wide open because no one ever believed in Santa, but Mildred still wasn’t convinced.
Schlanta hopped in his schleigh and started saying the names of the schleindeer.
“Kyshy, Kashey, Marshey, Dawshy, Tomshy, Emshy, Hamshy, Jonshy, Elshy, Lilshy. Hohoho, Merry Christmas.”
And to that, Schlanta and his schleindeers flew high up and away.
Mildred was persuaded that Schlanta was real. When she went back to the retirement home, she told the story but no one believed her.
Hope you enjoyed todays episode.
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Roller Coaster

Helllooo!! This is a new episode of Mildred’s Adventures, it’s a bit shorter than the others but I still hope you enjoy.
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Mildred’s Adventures So1 Eo3
“Roller Coaster!!”
Mildred had heard on the radio about a new roller coaster in town, she thought what harm will a coaster do. She and her
cat tippy toed out of the retirement home just before the elders woke up. They walked an hour to the coaster cage, they
saw the giant coaster. The ‘Lightning Storm’, Mildred grabbed her cat and hopped on.
It started swaying slowly, then faster and faster it went. It went up, down, turned around and Mildred thought it was
never going to end, but after 15 minutes of spins, the ride made it’s stop.
Mildred demanded another turn, they went on again, the same thing happened for about 2 hours. Mildred finally felt dizzy
and gave up.
This was a big surprise, Mildred actually went back home without being caught, wow. Who would’ve thought??
Hope you liked todays episode.
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The Abduction


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Hey, this is another episode of Mildred’s Adventure.



Mildred’s Adventures So1 Eo2
“The Abduction”
So, obviously Mildred snuck out again, she can’t stand the boringness in that home. She wanted something fun to do, not play bingo all day long, that’s messed up.
Mildred and her cat were walking in the park when they came upon a giant hole. Mildred’s cat didn’t realise and fell to the ground. Suddenly, they saw this strange thing flying in the air, it floated above the hole and just randomly started glowing.
Mildred and her cat rose above from the ground, higher and higher each second. Then, kazam, they went straight in the weird looking, flying thingy.
Mildred saw these green people, she didn’t know who they were, or what they were. She started to investigate around the messy place, books about abducting humans, shiny, silver suits everywhere. She wondered, how can someone even live in this place??
The tiny, green people spoke in a language that no one could ever understand. They were saying stuff like gabagoo, blabado and sukoowee. It was confusing for Mildred and her cat. Mildred’s cat spotted a button that said, ‘Open Doors’, the cat touched the button with her paw and pressed. The doors to this strange thing opened at the bottom and Mildred and her cat just fell back down to land. And like everytime, Mildred got caught and sent back to her retirement home.
Hope you enjoyed this episode, until next time.
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Hey, I’m Mary!! So, for the next few days I’ll be posting a few stories while MrBeaver23 is on holiday.

I’ll probably put up a few stories of Mildred’s Adventures and maybe some hilarious stories that I’ve already written. I hope you will enjoy my crazy things while I guest post.

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Mildred’s Adventures S01 E01 “The Donut Store”

So, how I’m going to work the Mildred’s Adventures series is going to be like a TV Show, with seasons and episodes. I know, I’m crazy. Anyway, even though it says that I am the author, this is Mary’s first post. Here we go!

So, once again Mildred snuck out of her retirement home and began a new adventure. 

As the day passed, she and her cat finally found something that intrigued them. Donuts!! Mildred is in love with donuts,

it’s all she ever talks about at her home, but no one really listens. Anyways, Mildred and her cat payed a visit

to the donut store, they walked in and looked around. The store seemed a bit shabby, but they ignored it. Oh no!!! 

There was only 1 donut left. Only 1!! How could they survive?!?! There was only one thing to do, share, but it’s not 

like that’s gonna ever happen. I mean, it’s Mildred, she don’t share. Not sharing is definitely caring in her world.
Both Mildred and her cat ran to the chocolate and vanilla cream donut. There were sharp claws, a messed-up walking stick, 

scratches and bruises and everything bad you could ever imagine. Who would’ve thought they could get so vicious and 

cruel over a donut?? A yummy tasting, gorgeous looking donut, yeah, nothing to drool over, it’s just a chocolate and

vanilla cream donut.
Well, we all know what happened at the end of the day. Mildred went to the pound for acting like a cat and the cat went to

the elderly retirement home for acting like a cruel, elderly woman. That’s how all donut fights end, well, according

to the scientists of Not-Telling-The-Truth land or for short, False Island.