About and Contact Me!

 Well Hi! It seems you’ve found my little corner of webspace here on the Internet. I’d like to welcome you to Chimping Around, I post every Sunday at 10:15 (Australian Time) and if you subscribe to the blog you officially get the rights to call yourself a chimp, 😉! I guess I’ll introduce myself now:

Hi! I’m Thomas, a 12 year old blogger. I have so many interests, but my “main” ones are: Technology (especially Apple!), Comedy, Photography, Music and Writing. I also have lots of different personality traits: 

  • Smart-ish
  • Pianist
  • Quirky
  • Hypochondriac
  • Cooking Enthusiast

As you can see, some of those were my passions, so I guess I combined two things in one – yay!

Why I Started My Blog

The story of why I created my blog is an odd one. You see, when I was about 3 or 4, I saw my dad’s blog and thought to myself “That’s so cool! I wish I could have a website!” 

My dad’s blog usually talked about his life, and contained funny stories about what his two kids (at the time he used his blog, now he has four) would get up to. I never really thought much about it for a couple of years, with school starting and whatnot. Then, two years before I created this blog (2011) I decided to make my very own website. I used a website called SimpleSite, and they would let you create a website but only keep it active for 30 days unless you payed. Of course, I didnt couldn’t pay so, it got deleted. I did this “30 day free trial” thing for two years! I just kept making website’s until finally – in August of 2013, my dad came to me and said “Thomas, you need to stop creating those websites. I tell you what – tomorrow, we’ll create you a website that will be active all the time, without paying!”

The next day, we created a blog. A lovely one too, if I do say so myself. Especially for my first time choosing a theme, and designing everything.

I told you that how I created my blog was an odd story.

Want to Contact Me?

Got any questions, want to interview me or just want to say hi? I’m always open for emails on my blog email which is checked regularly, just email chimpingaround23@icloud.com

I always love getting comments, as I can connect with readers. Also, if you’re the first to comment on something, you usually encourage others to comment as well! You can also go to my about.me page to get in touch there as well. 

One last way to contact me is to subscribe to my weekly email newsletter, which you can reply to and contact me.

See You Around!

After all that, please go and explore! If you’re new, I recommend visiting the Sunday Posts Category up the top. Well, I’ll see you soon!

Enjoy Yourself,

-Thomas, A.K.A MrBeaver23


8 thoughts on “About and Contact Me!

  1. Thomas, my man, you are a writer! The story of your passion for a website was entertaining and read like an adventure. I am very impressed because at age 12 you are more accomplished than most of us at this blogging thing. Very impressive. Now I really need to say a word of thanks to you for choosing to follow my blog. I may well find myself learning from you and your various talents as well. But ultimately, it’s my hope that you’ll always be able to grab a laugh when you visit. Very nice to meet you Thomas. ;o)


    1. Hi In My Cluttered Attic! I love visiting your blog, your type of writing is incredible! I want to thank you for visiting Chimping Around, and I guess I’ll see you around!


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