The 10 Types of Relatives You Probably Have in Your Family

Hello Fellow Chimps! I hope you are all doing well! I’m really sorry for not posting in forever, but I’ll explain more after the post (at the bottom). Anyway, for today’s post – I am going to be talking about the many different types of relatives! For any relatives that read this post, this is (a tad) exaggerated so please don’t take this personally however, if this does offend you in any way, I apologise and I’m willing to talk about it with you. This post was inspired by the videos on YouTube that have this same topic, it was also inspired by the types of people I have in my family.  Anyway, on with the post!

#1 – The Pushy Uncle

Most people have this person, it can also be an aunt though. This particular uncle thinks that it is absolutely necessary that you come and say hi to him at a family function (or when he is in the presence of you). He will not stop asking you until you finally give in and do it. When I was younger, I absolutely hated giving in and going to shake hands, say hi, give him a kiss, etc. but now when I walk in I quickly do it and get it over with. This person also thinks you have to talk to him during the meal at the family function, whether he’s sitting next to you or at the other end of the table from you, you have to have a discussion about something that you usually don’t want to talk about. Very, very awkward.


#2 – The Smart Aunt

Again, this person could be an uncle, or whoever. This aunt thinks that she knows everything about everything, so during a meal if you’re eating your spaghetti wrong, she will point it out and tell you how you’re “supposed” to do it. She usually hugs a lot, and will go inside your personal bubble. Again – very, very awkward.


#3 – The Kind Aunt            

This is my favourite type of Aunt, and she also gives hugs, but she doesn’t do it so that you feel invaded, she does it so you’re sort of in between, not invaded and not left out – just right. This aunt can always relate to how you feel and has advice on almost anything. It’s amazing how much she has to teach. There’s not much to say about this aunt, all that basically sums it up about how nice she is.


#4 – The Wonderful Uncle

This uncle is like the title – wonderful. He’s basically got all the qualities of the Kind Aunt but he’s a male. Again, not much to say about this uncle that’s how cool he is. This uncle is usually the kind of guy you can talk to if you’re feeling down.


#5 – The Cranky Granny

But seriously though, this Grandma is hardly ever cranky. She is an amazing person who tries hard at everything she does. We all have someone like this in our families, their such an amazing optimist, but if you annoy them too much, Boom! All hell breaks loose.


#6 – The Humourous Grandpa

This person is like the funniest “old” person you know. He’s got all the jokes, riddles and everything in between. He can always cheer you up, even when you’re not sad! He has always got some sort of treat for you, and it seems like his lolly jar never runs out! If I had to relate this person to someone, I’d probably relate him to the Santa personality that we assume he has: Jolly, Generous, Humble and Heaps of Fun!


#7 – The Wise Nan

This Nan isn’t really like the Smart Aunt, this Nan is more humble and let’s you know kindly if you did something wrong and – she teaches in ways that actually work! She makes you laugh with the things she does, and you usually enjoy spending time with her.


#8 – The Chill Pop

This person is one of the coolest people you know, and are fun to be around! He is relaxed about almost anything and everything, and like the Wise Nan, he is fun to be around – with or without his wife (usually the wise nan).


#9 – The Cute Cousin

This person is usually young, and extremely cute. They are so cute they can get away with almost anything, but not everything! However, sometimes they need you to step in and get involved so that they can learn the wrong from the right. Other than that, everyone thinks they’re a pleasure to be around!


#10 – The “Old” Nan

I saved this one for last, mainly because my “old” nan is an important person in my life, who always tells the truth and has the advice that helps me through tough times. This person doesn’t have to necessarily be old, as long as they fit the description: Kind, Honest and Real, Down-to-Earth Advice. Which person in your family fits this description?
I hope you enjoyed today’s post, as this took me literally three months to write. I had to really think about what to write, which is why it took so long. Anyways, I’m sorry again for not posting in like five weeks – I had a bunch of things happening and when I did have time, I was too tired to write a post (I know, I know, a terrible excuse) but I’m here now and the holidays are next week so hopefully I’ll have heaps of time to write some posts.

Until Next Time,

Be Free, Be Chimps 👐


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