11 Different Ways to Help You Deal with Anger

Getting angry is natural, and sometimes you just need help and tips on dealing with anger. Have no fear, people – this list will help you!


Hello Fellow Chimps! I hope you are going well. For today’s post, I have decided to give you guys some tips on what you can do to help deal with anger. So, without further ado, here are 11 ways to deal with anger: 

  1. Excercise – Getting some excercise is good for you, and it is a great way to calm you down.
  2. Remember to think before speaking – When you are angry, sometimes you can say things that you don’t mean.
  3. Use humour – Making jokes and laughing can be one of the best ways to deal with anger because it takes your mind off of the anger.
  4. No grudges – If you hold grudges, you will like less people and other people will like you less. If you forgive others, they will forgive you if you make a mistake as well, and you can improve your relationship with that person.
  5. Find help – If you feel like you’re always getting angry, think about seeking help to improve your situation.
  6. Do something you love – Like to blog? Then blog when you are angry as well as your usual blogging schedule. Love to paint? Then paint a picture of something, preferably something that represents how mad you are so the anger go into the painting and not stay inside you.
  7. Eat your favourite meal – A little bit like my previous point, but eat your favourite meal so that you feel happier.
  8. Find the problem, then find the solution – Once you find why you are angry, try and find a way to fix why you are angry, this can take your mind off your problems and help solve it.
  9. Imagine peace – When you try to envision peace, peace will slowly come to you – basically.
  10. Count to 10, or 100, or even 1000 – Depending on how angry you are, count as high as you think you need to.
  11. Last but not least, take one (or a few) deep breaths – This will help you ultimately, and this should be one of the first things you do when you are angry, along with counting and finding the problem.


I hope you liked those tips! Please remember to use these tips when you are angry, and make sure you share with friends and family, or anyone who might have problems with anger management.

Until Next Time,

Be Free, Be Chimps! 👐


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