The Top 9 Reasons Why Your Mum is the Best

Why 9 reasons? Because – lucky 9.

Hello Fellow Chimps! Happy Simian Sunday, and Happy Mother’s Day to all the mothers out there. For today’s post, I’m doing a special because of Mother’s Day (duh). I don’t know about you, but my mum is an amazing person and I think that all mothers should know some of their best qualities. That’s why I’m sitting here writing this post. Now, enough chit-chat, let’s get into it: 

  1. She Listens to You – Your mum is one of the only people that actually listen to you, and she gives you honest opinions, which leads onto the next point.
  2. She is Honest – If that shirt doesn’t look good on you, doesn’t fit you or she just doesn’t like it – your mum will tell you, and you will most likely not be buying that shirt, no matter how bad you want it.
  3. She Respects You – Again, your mum is one of the only people that properly respect you, and in a different way to work or school colleagues.
  4. She Gives You Confidence – Whenever I’m nervous, I usually go to one of my parents. Both my parents have this quality, however sometimes it can be just a mum or just a dad. They can give a good “pep talk” and boost my confidence for whatever I’m about to do.
  5. She’s a Teacher – As well as being a literal kindergarten teacher, my mum is a “family teacher” as well. This basically means she teaches everyone in your family new things all the time. This quality can also be a dad’s one as well, but it’s Mother’s Day and we’ll stick to focusing on mums. 
  6. She Makes You Look Good – This point is similar to point 4, but is also totally different. Your mum just seems to have a good fashion style and so whenever she buys you something, it’s usually (almost always) got a good style that really suits you.
  7. She Inspires You – My Mum inspires me and other people to accomplish things every day, and I’m sure your mum does as well. I get great ideas from her as well so she’s just like a big idea and inspiration generator!
  8. She’s a Role Model – Believe it or not, your mum is a role model! You think you’re smart because you taught her how to use Google? She taught you how to use a spoon (I got that from Google actually, so…).
  9. She Loves You – No matter what, she truly loves you.


So, how many of these reasons made you think of your mum? Let me know in the comments! Make sure you also share this with your mum and family and everybody! I hope you enjoyed today’s post, and I guess I’ll see you next week!

Until Next Time,

Be Free, Be Chimps! 👐


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