12 Photos of Food That Will Make Your Mouth Water

Some foods look as good as they taste!

Hello Fellow Chimps! I hope you are doing well! For today’s post, I have put together a list of photos of food that – just like the title says – make your mouth water! Without further ado, let’s get into it!


1. These Pancakes

2. This Chocolate-Marshmallow Pie Thing

3. This Sweet Treat

4. These Oreo Cakes

5. These Enchiladas 

6. These Pizza Drinks (is that what they are?)

7. These Juicy Gummy Bears

8. This Chocolate Keyboard

9. These Biscuits (again, is that what they are?)

10. This Choc-Mint Cake

11. These Burgers and Fries

12. This Plate of Spaghetti Bolognaise


Well, Did your mouth water? Let me know in the comments! I hoped you enjoyed today’s post and those pictures of food. I also do apologise for not publishing the newsletter last week, I had a lot to do and I hope that you guys can understand when I say that I might have to drop the newsletter for a little bit, just until I can fully adjust to the high school life, so give it a year or two and I should be back on track with my work load. Thanks for understanding 😊.

Until Next Time,

Be Free, Be Chimps 👐


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