7 Reasons Why I Love to Blog & Why You Should Start

Hello Fellow Chimps! I have been blogging for a while now, and I figured out about a year and a half ago, I love blogging. So for today’s post, here’s 15 reasons why I love to blog. Let’s get into it!

  1. It’s A Chance to Connect with Friends & Family – WordPress Blogging is technically a form of social media, and since it’s the only form of “modern” social media I have access to, I can connect with friends and family whether they’re in town, or across the country or even the world, they can see what I’m writing and what I’m doing and – believe it or not – it does actually make you feel connected.
2. It Helps Me Explore the Web – While writing on this blog, I’ve visited so many other author’s blogs that have amazing books that I had never heard of. It also shows me how many people have the same interest(s) as me, which is amazing! It also helps improve your skill to surf the web properly, without taking a wrong turn – if you get what I mean.

3. It Helps Self-Confidence – There’s a nagging voice at the back of everyone’s head, that tells you not to do something. It’s extremely easy to control that voice if you have good self confidence. So whenever someone likes one of my posts, or starts following me, it does give me a boost of confidence that helps me in everyday life. So, if you’re low in self-confidence, start a blog!

4. I Can Write What I Want to Write – I know, I can’t write whatever I want to write, due to controversy, racism, religion, etc. but there are no limits as to what I have to write (which is different when I’m writing at school, I have a topic I have to write about) and it makes things a lot easier.

5. It Can Be Relaxing – As surprising as it sounds, Being able to write whenever and wherever I want, makes it feel relaxing, like a hobby should be. I mean, I’m not running a business so blogging shouldn’t be really stressful.

6. It’s a Time Passer – Believe it or not, if I’m bored, I’ll usually think of ideas to write about, or start writing down of my ideas I have already. The mobile version of WordPress let’s you work without an Internet connection, which is handy. On my iPad, I have a list on the reminders app with all my ideas and when I complete a post, I can tick off the idea and see my progress on what I’m writing.

7. I Can Express MY Feelings – This point is kind of like point 4, but it is slightly different. Too often people don’t get to express their true feelings because they’re afraid what others will think, and it happens to me all the time. It really is sad, and blogging allows me to tell you how I feel, and although I don’t do it often, there is always a mood (usually the mood I’m in) in all my blog posts, so see if you can find them!


Well, there it is! 7 Reasons Why I Love To Blog, and why I think you should start blogging as well! I hope you enjoyed the post, and I’ll see you next time!

Until Next Time,

Be Free, Be Chimps! 👐

P.S. Again – Like the last post – the featured image is taken from another website you can view at http://fearlesseating.net/why-you-should-start-blogging/

There is no intended copyright.


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