10 of My Biggest Pet Peeves

 This is the craziest list of things that you don’t need to hear! Welcome to Pet Peeves!

 Hello Fellow Chimps! Firstly, I really do apologise for not posting in ages (can’t exactly remember how long it’s been… 😅), it’s just because I have been really busy of late and I am working on some new, quite exciting posts that will hopefully be coming soon that require a bit of editing and thought, so get ready for that! This post is to make up for all the Sunday’s and Thursday’s I have missed. Without further ado, let’s get into it! Enjoy:





People who don’t wash their hands – I am a bit of a germophobe and if someone doesn’t flush the toilet or wash their hands, etc. it makes me a bit crazy!  

2. People who peer over my shoulder when I’m on technology – I find it rude and they don’t really need to be doing it.

3. People that read out loud and not in their heads – only 2 words, so loud!
4. When I ask what’s for dinner and my mum says “Posion.” – I really don’t think we’re having Poison for dinner, and I’m interested in what I’m going to be eating.

5. The people who don’t have anything in their pencil case and ask to borrow something of yours.

6. The people who borrow something of yours and don’t give it back, or completely wreck it.

7. When I’m in band and receive a piece of sheet music that has notes that are like 5 ledger lines below the stave. Sorry if you guys didn’t get that, that was a bit of a musical one – but it really does annoy me!

8. When someone in my class finishes a test almost twenty minutes early.

9. When my nails are so long that every time I go to touch someone I have to make sure I don’t scratch them. Speaking of which, it probably is time that I cut my nails…

And for the big finale: When I have to sleep at night with the window open – it annoys me because of the breeze (although the breeze is rather nice on a hot night) and I get a bit anxious that someone could rob me, but it hasn’t happened so far so I think I’m good. 😬


    Alright, that was my list and I do hope you like it! Again, I am so sorry for not posting! Please forgive me! Anyway, please enjoy the rest of your weekend I will hopefully see you on Sunday (the last day of the holidays!).

    Until Next Time,

    Be Free, Be Chimps🙌

    P.S. The Featured Image/Header Image is from a website that I found called thoughtsfromher.com please go and read her blog, and this wasn’t intended to be copyright. Thank You.


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