Lily’s Poem

Hello Fellow Chimps! For today’s extra post, I am going to share with you the poem that I read to everyone yesterday at my Cousin Lily’s Christening Lunch. The christening was beautiful, and Lily was full of smiles! Now – no more chit-chat, this is the poem I wrote for Lily:


From graceful lilies pure and white,

God fashioned beautiful skin,

Forget-me-nots he chose for eyes;

Then formed your baby chin.

He took a tulip bright and red,

It was one that could not fade;

 And created a sweet little mouth,

That before was never made.

Another flower next was used,

A rosebud, pink and fair;

He touched it to your dimpled cheeks,

And made it blossom there.

And then with magic fingers he picked;

two morning glories – white,

He curled and shaped your little ears,

Soon they were fastened tight.

That crowning bit of golden down

Will soon become your hair;

He gathered pollen from the flowers,

And sprinkled it with care.

For dainty little fingers

And precious, tiny toes,

He used slender daisy frills;

And a snowdrop for your nose.

This world and everything in it,

It was created here for man;

But Lily was “God’s Little Artwork”

Since time and life began.



I hope you enjoyed her poem, she’s a very sweet baby and this poem really resembles her.


Until Next Time,

Be Free, Be Chimps!


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