Hello Fellow Chimps! Now, I apologise for not posting on Sunday, I now have a post ready for you. For today’s post, I asked my friend and fellow blogger, Mary if I could use the story she was showing me, edit it and put it on my blog. So the main idea came from Mary, I just changed some things around. Enjoy!


 Tick tock, tick tock, tick tock. Tick tock went the rickety clock. Tick tock, tick tock, tick tock.

The grime on the old, rusty windows blustered past the petrified 6 year old girl. She – Isabelle Ray – was standing there in the breezy haunted-looking like a quiescent figure. All that was heard were the loud creaks of the wooden floorboards and the rickety, rackety clock. Tick tock, Tick tock. A shadow lurked throughout, causing a shiver to crawl up Isabelle’s spine. She could hear high sounds of screams calling for help – it was penetrating her ears. She felt as if the huge walls were going to close in – and suffocate her body.

Isabelle wanted to run but her puny feet were glued to the ground. She knew wandering inside the haunted-looking house was dangerous, but being the curious girl she was, she went ahead anyway.

The cries grew louder and closer, Isabelle felt the warmth of heavy breathing trailing up her arms – all the way up to her neck. Her heart was pounding so hard it could’ve burst out of her chest any moment. Cautiously twisting her head, she saw nothing but the dark, hollow hallways. When she turned back toward the staircase, there was a boyish-looking person dressed only in white.

She gasped and stumbling back, she clutched onto the laced cloth that was hanging from the ceiling. The ground shook by the steps of the terrifying little boy. The wooden surface started to tear apart each time the frightening thing took a step. Isabelle heard a male voice echoing through the blackness.

“Go to sleep now” it said.

Just then, the floor dismantled completely, Isabelle let out desperate whines for help.

The boy gripped onto her upper back, the pain caused her body to tremble. He thrust her down into the gruesome space caved in below the ground.

The little kid imprisoned the hole with many planks of wood. She fought to hold back her tears from being fearful. Isabelle let out a screech as the pain flowed through her insides. Where the pain was coming from that time, she did not know.

The dangling bulb coming from the widened closet flickered constantly, never ending. Only half of a second, and it stops, hardly anything visible to see or hear. The only sound heard was the wind rustling throughout the lifeless trees outside.

Isabelle, still shut in had nowhere to go. Breathlessly, she pushed herself up, exploring the disgusting and seemingly old abyss. She didn’t know anyone stored stuff in it.

There was a photo of a boy with a bright smile; she assumed he was the one upstairs. Isabelle shifted to find an old, chipped door plastered on the wall. Rotating the knob, she spotted bloody knives clothed in ragged fabric, placed in a mossy sink.

A coroner’s table sat in the centre of the room, surrounded by a tray of medical tools. Isabelle’s heart skipped so fast, she felt like she was going to faint right there.

A loud noise came from above, causing the loose chips of wood to crumble down on her.

Isabelle now covered in dust, tiptoed back to the closet and slides herself in, shutting the entrance behind her.

Suddenly, a thump hit the ground, causing vibrations to crawl through the floor. The closet door was slightly open, giving Isabelle some view of a different black haired boy from the one she saw upstairs. She’s seen him before, but she doesn’t know where.

She backed away from the gap just as he rolled his eyes on her. Isabelle backed away even further when she realised his eyes weren’t closing and his wide grin was carved on his face, the skin cut into a smile.

Her breathing got heavier; the horrifying boy reached out his slim arm and pulled the closet doors open. He threw his head back and started laughing hysterically, Isabelle couldn’t hold her tears in anymore, she started to form rivers. Her heartbeat fell, she knew what was going to happen.

Just before taking her last breath, the boy said, ‘The names Jeff. Oh, and sleep tight’.

Just like that, Isabelle’s pale body dropped out of the closet with her eyes shut and heartbeat gone. The worst thing was, no-one would ever know how she died…



I hope you enjoyed the story, please – let Mary and I know what you thought of the story and leave a comment! This is basically it for now so;

Until Next Time,

Be Free, Be Chimps!


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