The Mystery of the Magic Shoes S01 E01: New Shoes!

Hello Fellow Chimps, how are you? I apologise for posting so late today, I had a bit of a jam-packed day. For today’s post, I am introducing a new mini-series (again) with quite short stories in the series. Mildred’s Adventures is a series that can have quite long stories. So I created this series that should be full of really short stories to satisfy you. Enjoy the first story!


Today was a lovely day. An absolute superb day. It was a spectacular, miraculous, magnificent day. Why, you ask? Well – I finally got that new pair of shoes I wanted. The blue ones with the orange pokadots and the green stripe around the outside of the shoes. I was so happy because I saved up for these shoes – all – by – my – self. As soon as I bought the pair I put them on and watched as the shoes started to grow wings and my whole body started to flutter of the ground. I wondered what was happening and – in shock – took the shoes off in a rush. The wings slowly shrinked and disappeared back into the shoes. What I had just witnessed was incredible! I didn’t believe in things like this before that happened, but now – I guess seeing really is believing. I am Timothy Bullerton, and I am going to discover the mystery of the magic shoes.


I hope you liked today’s post, and I can’t wait to do more as I started writing these stories in my English Classm and I really enjoy writing these ones.


Until Next Time,

Be Free, Be Chimps!


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