My Evening Routine (For A School Night)

Hello Fellow Chimps and so I published my school morning routine the other day and the post performed quite well so I’m going to do my school night routine! On with the post:

3:15 – School bell rings and I go the school’s bus bay.

3:30 – catch the bus to my mum’s school. When I arrive I do most of my homework.

5:30 – leave mum’s school and go home.

6:00 – Arrive home and unpack my bag

6:20 – Have a shower and do any chores that need to be done

6:45 – I usually set the table or go on the computer for free time or do digital textbook homework stuff.

7:30 – Dinner time!

8:30 – 9:00 – In bed and asleep.

That’s basically it – it’s not as long as my morning one, probably because the night time is more of a winding down sort of time. Well, I guess I’m sort of doing okay at Full On February, tomorrow I’ve got some memes and stuff for you!

Until Next Time,

Be Free, Be Chimps!


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