Australia Day Special: The Australian Tag!

Hello Fellow Chimps and I’d like to say a special “Happy Australia Day!” To all my Australian readers and – even if you’re not Australian! Today, I am going to do an Australia Day special post – the Australian Tag! Now, I’ve never done a tag before but if I like it and you like it, I’ll do more! Right, let’s do it:

P.S. I updated this post. Scroll down to see what I wrote about the history of Australia Day and what it’s like for some of Australia’s original inhabitants. Disclaimer: I do not mean for this in any way to be disrespectful however, if you or someone you know finds it disrespectful please contact me at or comment on this post and I will change it to your needs. Thanks!

1. What state do you live in?

A: I live in NSW!

2. Which states have you visited in Australia?

A: I have visited ACT (Canberra) and that’s about it. The closest I’ve been to leaving NSW is when we went up the central coast for holidays.

3. What do you order at Boost Juice?

A: I usually order “Berry Crush” which is basically a bunch of berries and ice and juice crushed up.

4. Who is your favourite Australian Music Artist?

A: Guy Sebastian! That or Samantha Jade – They both have really catchy songs!

5. Who is your favourite Australian Actor/Actress?

A: Hugh Jackman. He’s done really well in his career!

6. Choose one: Target, Myer or Westfield

A: I’ve never actually been to Westfield, but we went past it when we were in Sydney. So, probably Myer. Target was renovated where I live and I hope it’s not like it is now anywhere else.

7. Do you like vegemite? How do you eat it?

A: I love vegemite! There is a rule though: only spread a little though. Vegemite is really good when your sick!

8. Have you ever seen or petted a kangaroo?

A: We see kangaroos hopping down the road all the time!

9. Have you seen the Sydney Harbour Bridge?

A: Yes, and I’m planning on climbing it one day.

10. Do you say Mate or G’Day?

A: I say both, but not very often.

11. Thongs or Sandals?

A: I haven’t wore Sandals since I was like 5 so probably thongs.

12. Jumper or Sweater?

A: I’d probably have a sweater but jumpers will do.

13. Overall, what do you think of Australia?

A: Australia is amazing! I don’t think Australian’s know how lucky we are to be in a country like this – I mean – we are the only country in the world that is also a continent. Overall, I’m ecstatic to live in Australia!
I hope you enjoyed this special post! And I’ll see you next Sunday! I apologise for the newsletter not being sent out, I had scheduled it but it never came out. I am working on fixing it so do not despair!

Update: I have fixed the newsletter! It should have been sent out earlier today. I just wanted to update this post and talk a bit more about Australia Day but first – the idea for this post was inspired by a YouTube video I watched this morning. The link is:

Yes, I had to change some of the questions so they were more for me. Now – I wanted to talk more about Australia Day so here we go:

Australia Day is held on January 26 each year to commemorate the “founding” of Australia. Australia was populated by the British Colonisation on January 26, 1788. There were many stories of the Indigenous trying to attack the English, but there were many more stories of the English attacking the Indigenous. There are people in Indigenous people in Australia that have been through a lot and yet celebrate Australia Day and for those people – I commend your courage! Though there and Indigenous people who have suffered and do not participate in Australia Day. I would just like to say I understand why you do not celebrate, however I do not fully understand as I have never been through something like this. So for my final words for this post, Australia Day is a day for celebration – but to other people, it is a day of mourning and loss. Australia Day is a respected yet controversial day. Like Australia’s Google Doodle for today, it is also respected yet very controversial. In case you haven’t seen it, this is it:


You can read more about it by visiting this link:

Right – this is the proper end of my post so:

Until next time,

Be Free, Be Chimps!



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