The Legendary Grandma

Helllooo! New episode of Mildred’s Adventures has arrived, enjoy!!


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Mildred’s Adventures So1 Eo6 The Legendary Grandma
So, since Mildred played cricket with those three boys, she hasn’t stopped. They call her the ‘Legendary Grandma’, they think she is the best cricket player of all time.
She even plays games in front of a massive crowd on the weekends, everyone thinks she’s awesome.
Just recently she was on the cover of the Sports mag, they interviewed her, they were shocked she had only been playing for 2 months.
Mildred has a game on Friday, like always, everyone goes just to see the ‘Legendary Grandma’. The crowds are full of children, adults and even elders.
Mildred heard that a pro cricketeer was going to be at her upcoming game, Harry Winsel. She was excited to have a professional watch her play. Harry is around 28 years old, his manager told him about her a week after she was noticed. He thought she would just be a one hit wonder but she wasn’t.
It is the day, the day Harry watches the game.
Mildred was the first batter, she was so calm about playing every time there was a game.
She went on to field and got herself ready, head protection on, bat freely hanging. Mildred could hardly care where the cricket bat was, she knew she would hit the ball either way.
3, 2, 1. The ball came at her like lightning but she hit it like thunder. She made a few runs, after her time was up, she was dancing like a wild goose. Everyone was cheering for her.
After a talk with his manager, Harry decided to offer Mildred a spot on his team. Without hesitating, Mildred accepted, she didn’t care about going back to her retirement home, she would rather become the worlds greatest cricket legend.
Hope you loved the new episode.
Seeya soon..

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