The Big Bash

Hellloooo!! I’m posting a new episode of Mildred’s Adventures. Since the last one was really short, I made this one a bit longer.


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Mildred’s Adventure
So1 Eo5 The Big Bash
Mildred thought about getting active even though she was 86 years old. She had always had a thing for cricket, so she decided to walk around and spot some kids playing.
After 30 minutes of searching, Mildred finally found three kids playing. She asked to play and they laughed but agreed instantly.
She was batting with a plastic bat, one of the young boys were getting ready to bowl. 3, 2, 1, the boy threw the ball straight towards Mildred. It came closer and closer, then suddely she hit the ball. The hit was crazy, the ball went higher and higher until you saw a little star flash where it disappeared.
Mildred was a bit sad because she thought she did something wrong since the ball vanished in thin air.
“Sorry kids, I didn’t mean to make your ball disappear.”
The boys explained that she did nothing wrong, her hit was awesome.
Mildred just started jumping in joy with a giant smile growing on her face. She was so happy, she felt like a cricket legend.
Mildred was so ecstatic that she went back to the retirement home and told them great news. Like before, the elders didn’t believe her ‘made-up story’.
Hope you enjoyed.
Seeya soon..

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