My Holidays So Far…

My holidays have been amazingly crazy! I’ve heard silly stories of people wanting to attach a boat motor to their bottom and setting off down the beach, I’ve been fishing, I went to Erina Fair and I’ve been to some lovely restaurants.

I’m staying at Umina Beach, Ettalong. The waves have been good and I’ve caught quite a few, however the sand (that I think is meant to keep you warm after you get out from the water), was cold. Coincidentally, we saw our friends from back home on the first day and if they happen to read this, then hi! 

Now let me tell you the story of fishing… On the first day I went fishing (about 4 days ago), it took a lot of patience, but after a while I caught a very small whiting. My dad and I were watching the reel very closely and when the line came in close enough we saw lots of small, and I mean small fish attacking the line, but no matter how fast we reeled the line in we still couldn’t get them! On the next day, we went down to a different spot on the beach to fish. Guess what?! First go – fish! Second go – fish! Third go – big big of seaweed that looked like I had caught a shark! Fourth go – It got stuck at the bottom of the ocean and the rod almost snapped! I’ve had a very interested fishing experience this year, especially with my little brother catching a puffer fish!

Yesterday, I went on a 90 minute walk around the place, and ended up nearly exploring Blackwall Mountain! In other words, we got lost.

I’ve also been to “The Copperpot” which is Indian, and the “Ocean Beach Hotel” which is a pub. I’m currently at “Margarita Daze” which is Mexican. They all tasted great and if you visit or live in Umina Beach, I highly recommend those. I also can’t wait to visit “The Treble Cleff Cafe” and “Barrenjoey House” which is over in Sydney which we can catch the ferry to. Oh! Also, Barrenjoey House has free Wifi as well! Yippeeeeeeeee!!!

I also ventured down to Erina Fair, near Gosford. We got down there and bought some lunch. I had a Hawaiian Crepe, which was delicious! After that I took off with my Grandma and Grandpa to all sorts of shops. While my grandma tried on a shirt, my grandpa and I took a look at a surf shop and looked at watches and funny hats. Then we went to Athlete’s Foot and bought my grandparents new joggers. I was quite intrigued by the machine that told you what type of shoe you needed. After some time, we visited Myer to buy some perfume. Then we visited the chemist, but you don’t want to here about that so after that we went to the Bookshop and I bought Spook’s Apprentice. I can’t wait to read it because it sounds really interesting. Then we went to Sit & Chat and I had a Chocolate Milkshake and a Poppyseed and Orange cake slice. Then we basically got in the car and went home.

Soooo, yeah! My holidays have been good so far and I can’t wait to see what else is in store! Mary’s been a big help posting for me and although from the coming Monday, she won’t be posting but I’m sure she’ll be guest posting sooner than you think once she stops, if that makes sense…

Anyway, I’ll see you very soon with my next post. I’ve got big plans for 2016, and I can’t wait to see what you think about them!


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