Schlanta and his Schleindeers

Hellloo!! This is a new episode of Mildred’s Adventures!!


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Mildred’s Adventures So1 Eo4
Schlanta and his Schleindeers
Mildred doesn’t like Christmas, because she hates giving presents but enjoys getting them.
Mildred and her cat were walking in the streets being bored like always, until they came across a big, red cart. Well, at least that’s what she thinks it is. Attached to the front of the cart was 10 schleindeer, they each had collars with their name on it.
Kyshy, Kashey, Marshey, Dawshy, Tomshy, Emshy, Hamshy, Jonshy, Elshy and Lilshy. They were strange names, they weren’t even reindeers, they were schleindeers. What is a schleindeer?!
A second later, she saw something come out of a chimney top. It was a fat man dressed in a red suit with a red hat on his white hair. She knew who it was, but didn’t at the same time. His name was Schlanta and he owned the schleindeers.
It was a big surprise to Mildred and her cat, their mouths were wide open because no one ever believed in Santa, but Mildred still wasn’t convinced.
Schlanta hopped in his schleigh and started saying the names of the schleindeer.
“Kyshy, Kashey, Marshey, Dawshy, Tomshy, Emshy, Hamshy, Jonshy, Elshy, Lilshy. Hohoho, Merry Christmas.”
And to that, Schlanta and his schleindeers flew high up and away.
Mildred was persuaded that Schlanta was real. When she went back to the retirement home, she told the story but no one believed her.
Hope you enjoyed todays episode.
Seeya soon..

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