Roller Coaster

Helllooo!! This is a new episode of Mildred’s Adventures, it’s a bit shorter than the others but I still hope you enjoy.
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Mildred’s Adventures So1 Eo3
“Roller Coaster!!”
Mildred had heard on the radio about a new roller coaster in town, she thought what harm will a coaster do. She and her
cat tippy toed out of the retirement home just before the elders woke up. They walked an hour to the coaster cage, they
saw the giant coaster. The ‘Lightning Storm’, Mildred grabbed her cat and hopped on.
It started swaying slowly, then faster and faster it went. It went up, down, turned around and Mildred thought it was
never going to end, but after 15 minutes of spins, the ride made it’s stop.
Mildred demanded another turn, they went on again, the same thing happened for about 2 hours. Mildred finally felt dizzy
and gave up.
This was a big surprise, Mildred actually went back home without being caught, wow. Who would’ve thought??
Hope you liked todays episode.
Seeya soon..

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