The Abduction


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Hey, this is another episode of Mildred’s Adventure.



Mildred’s Adventures So1 Eo2
“The Abduction”
So, obviously Mildred snuck out again, she can’t stand the boringness in that home. She wanted something fun to do, not play bingo all day long, that’s messed up.
Mildred and her cat were walking in the park when they came upon a giant hole. Mildred’s cat didn’t realise and fell to the ground. Suddenly, they saw this strange thing flying in the air, it floated above the hole and just randomly started glowing.
Mildred and her cat rose above from the ground, higher and higher each second. Then, kazam, they went straight in the weird looking, flying thingy.
Mildred saw these green people, she didn’t know who they were, or what they were. She started to investigate around the messy place, books about abducting humans, shiny, silver suits everywhere. She wondered, how can someone even live in this place??
The tiny, green people spoke in a language that no one could ever understand. They were saying stuff like gabagoo, blabado and sukoowee. It was confusing for Mildred and her cat. Mildred’s cat spotted a button that said, ‘Open Doors’, the cat touched the button with her paw and pressed. The doors to this strange thing opened at the bottom and Mildred and her cat just fell back down to land. And like everytime, Mildred got caught and sent back to her retirement home.
Hope you enjoyed this episode, until next time.
Seeya soon..

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