Mildred’s Adventures S01 E01 “The Donut Store”

So, how I’m going to work the Mildred’s Adventures series is going to be like a TV Show, with seasons and episodes. I know, I’m crazy. Anyway, even though it says that I am the author, this is Mary’s first post. Here we go!

So, once again Mildred snuck out of her retirement home and began a new adventure. 

As the day passed, she and her cat finally found something that intrigued them. Donuts!! Mildred is in love with donuts,

it’s all she ever talks about at her home, but no one really listens. Anyways, Mildred and her cat payed a visit

to the donut store, they walked in and looked around. The store seemed a bit shabby, but they ignored it. Oh no!!! 

There was only 1 donut left. Only 1!! How could they survive?!?! There was only one thing to do, share, but it’s not 

like that’s gonna ever happen. I mean, it’s Mildred, she don’t share. Not sharing is definitely caring in her world.
Both Mildred and her cat ran to the chocolate and vanilla cream donut. There were sharp claws, a messed-up walking stick, 

scratches and bruises and everything bad you could ever imagine. Who would’ve thought they could get so vicious and 

cruel over a donut?? A yummy tasting, gorgeous looking donut, yeah, nothing to drool over, it’s just a chocolate and

vanilla cream donut.
Well, we all know what happened at the end of the day. Mildred went to the pound for acting like a cat and the cat went to

the elderly retirement home for acting like a cruel, elderly woman. That’s how all donut fights end, well, according

to the scientists of Not-Telling-The-Truth land or for short, False Island.


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