The Short and Incredibly Cranky Life of Smokey

Like I said in my last post, I have a bunch of stuff from school that I’m going to post. This one was from my English book at the start of the year, when my class focused on a book titled “The Short and Incredibly Happy Life of Riley”

The book was about a rat who didn’t have long to live but enjoyed his time on Earth and didn’t take anything for granted. The book was aimed at kids graded K-3 and everyone in our class did an individual re-write of an excerpt from the book. Here’s mine:

Smokey had been born rotund. His roughest memory was being with his therapist and grandma and grandpa in an oversized lounge with his chocolates and pizza. He was always depressed – even when he was daydreaming.

He was cranky, and everyone hated him. He was the worst and so were his other obese friends and family.

All smokey wanted was some snacks and maybe a handful of Doritos on Wednesday or Sunday or whenever he felt in need.

Aliens – of course, want less than that, which is good because you don’t want to end up like Smokey – apart from Jeremy and Betty – who would die to be like Smokey.

Jeremy and Betty want triple-ham-and-bacon-pancake-fried-battered-fish-caviar-roasted-on-a-stick-with-grapes salad.

Most of which is disgusting, some brutal and yet – delicious.

I know, it’s a bit weird but – I’ve improved since the start of the year, trust me! For next Sunday’s post, I’ll be getting my daily journal book out to write some things out of that so – get ready!


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