Winner, Winner!

Yesterday was the last day of school and I was in my school’s Talent Show, twice. The first time I played ‘Demons’ by Imagine Dragons and by the end, my stage was singing the song. Then, I got changed into my “Taylor Swift” outfit. When it was my group’s turn, there was a bit of a scramble. The curtains were closed and I walked on. Once the curtains opened, everyone saw me and laughed. My group did a Lip Sync Battle Act and people just kept on laughing. It was then time for the judges to make their decision on who would get places. Third was announced, then second and finally – first. MY GROUP CAME FIRST!!! We found out that the winner gets a $15 Myer Gift voucher so that was nice! Then, we went to the pool. We had to get out of the pool twice because of the lightning, and I left my money in my bag at school so I didn’t get to buy anything for lunch 😦 .

So I enjoyed my last day of school, and my last Talent Quest. Also, I have got a bunch of Sunday posts ready for you as I got my school books back and their chock-full of stories to post! I hope all of my friends that read my blog enjoy their holidays and I hope to see you in the very near future!


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