Jack & Julia’s Birthday

Yesterday was Jack and Julia’s Birthday (if you don’t know them, they’re my brother and sister) so I thought it would be nice if I posted about that for today. The day went a little bit like this:

I woke up and just lay in bed for a while – thinking what I was going to do for the day. I didn’t remember that it was their birthday, so I was just thinking about a normal Saturday – until Jack ran in and told me to come in to Mum’s room, so they could open their presents. I went in, said happy birthday to the pair and sat on the end of the bed. We started with Jack’s first present – some nice clothes. Then Julia opened hers – lovely jewelry. We went back to Jack again for him to open his last present from us, Lego. Still going in that pattern, we went to Julia for her final present from us – A Sylvanian Families doll house. Then they opened their other presents which included Money and Clothes/Swimmers.

After breakfast, Jack’s friend came over and they played together for a while. Then we went to pick up Julia’s friend. We were going to the movies to see Hotel Transylvania 2. Personally, there weren’t as many jokes in the movie as I wanted there to be 😦 . After the movie, we went to McDonald’s for lunch. Julia’s friend had to go though, so it was just Jack and his friend.  Whenever I go to Maccas, I usually have a Big Mac, but I’m starting to think I should change it up a bit. I mean, I have had a Big Mac every-time I go to McDonald’s for 2 and a half years now, so maybe I could do with a change…

Anyway, After Maccas, we travelled home and Jack and his friend played together for a while and then he left. Jack and Julia had a little rest and played with their new toys for a little bit and then people started arriving for Dinner. We had Tacos for dinner, and the twins got a bunch of toys and clothes! They were very thankful for everything, and after cake they went to bed and people started to leave.

To finish the post up, I thought I would get a few words from the Birthday Girl and Boy, themselves.


I thought it was great because I got a lot of presents. I felt very happy because it was an exciting day and I loved it. Goodbye!


It was good because it was a fantastic birthday to me. I felt happy because it was exciting.

They didn’t want to say much.

Also, guess what?! Today is my cousin’s (the one that I talked about here and all over the place. Just do a search for cousin and Ella on my blog to see some more posts about her) birthday! She definitely enjoyed her day today. I think one of her top presents was a fake First Aid Kit that included a needle medicine injector thing that she had a 2 in 1 purpose for – A dummy/pacifier and something to put medicine into people with. Oh! One more thing – I don’t I’ve told you yet – My aunt had another baby! Her name is Lily and she is so cute! Can’t wait to see what she looks like when she gets older!

Okay, that’s today’s post. Lots of news!


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