I Won An Award!

Last night was my school’s presentation night, and me being in year 6 (my final year), it was pretty special. 

The band started the night off, welcoming people to the venue, and playing the national anthem at the start of the night. We then had the class awards for math, English, etc. and I got one for Progress in English!

After that, we started with the Major Sport Awards. One girl I know, got heaps of sporting awards (I have to admit, she’s better that I ever will be!). Then we moved on to the major awards. I was interested and willing to receive any, trust me. The awards went by, with some of my friends getting awards that they really did deserve, and the award description suited them all. They then announced the L.H Ford Award for Citizenship. My description was: 

This award is in memory of Lesley Hunter Ford who displayed civic pride in and contribution toward the City of Dubbo. L.H. Ford was an alderman and mayor of the city of Dubbo and later the State member of parliament. This award is the longest continually presented award at this school, being first awarded in 1967. Fittingly, the L.H. Ford Award  for Citizenship will be presented this evening by Member for Dubbo and NSW Deputy Premier, the Honourable Mr Troy Grant. The recipient of this award displays a responsible attitude, a polite and friendly nature, positive interaction with staff, peers and members of the wider school community. They must also be an excellent role model for younger students, be reliable and be able to carry out tasks without hesitation. They should display kindness and care for those around them, have given time to volunteer duties and respected the rights of others. The 2015 recipient of the L.H. Ford Award for Citizenship is Thomas.

Yay! I have a feeling I’ll be using some of those characteristics in a few job interviews in years to come.

 My dad posted it on Facebook and he received all sorts of comments. From his old music teacher: “He takes after his father.”

to a teacher from my school that works with my mum: “He takes after his mother.” 

She was apparently trying to stir my dad up. 😂
After that, the Year 6 graduation certificates were handed out and the band played our school song to “farewell” them.


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