Banana Sandwich

The school bell rang. Finally, it was lunch time! I was excited for today’s lunch. Why exactly? Well, today was special because I had a BANANA SANDWICH for lunch. This banana sandwich was different from other banana sandwiches because my mum had mashed the banana and then added sprinkles to it. This was going to be a delicious lunch. It’s not the healthiest option I know, but still – it was going to be yum!

I sat down at the lunch bench and just as I was about to take a big, waited-all-day-for-it bite, the school’s running team stampeded past, knocking the sandwich out of my hands and squishing it into the ground. “What the sprinkles?” I exclaimed as they jogged away. Hmmmm…. I need to eat that sandwich, I must each that sandwich. So, what can I do? That’s it! I had an idea. Sneaking back into the classroom, I grabbed a dustpan and brush and sweeped up the sandwich. I shouted “20 SECOND RULE!” and tipped it down my mouth.
I hope you enjoyed this week’s post – the way I came to write this short story was at school with a writing topic. I then expanded the story and made this! Well, I’ll see you next week!

Just a note – this story is not true in any way.


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