15 Ideas to Help You With Your Homework!

This week, I’ve decided to hand out some handy spelling strategies to help kids with their homework. These aren’t the strategies you would usually see (like Alphabetical Order/Reverse Alphabetical Order and LCWC and Word Chains, etc.) Friends out there who read my blog, this is for you! Okay, on with the list!

  1. Repetitive Rainbows (Write your words five times each, with a different colour for each set of words)
  2. Repetitive Fonts (Type your words ten times each, with a different font for each set of words)
  3. Comic Words (Create a comic strip using at least five of your words)
  4. Advertisement Words (Write a script for a TV ad for something that uses at least five of your words, make it as silly as you want!)
  5. Rhyming Words (Write down all your words and find a word that rhymes with each one)
  6. Scramble, Scramble (Scramble your words, have a family member un-scramble them and then get the family member to sign the piece of paper, so you’re teacher knows your actually doing something)
  7. Boggle Words (Get a family member to draw up a boggle board on a piece of paper and see how many words you can find)
  8. Scategories (Choose, 4 or 5 different categories and then choose a letter and see if you can put a word in each category)
  9. Word Alphabet (write the letters of all your spelling words in alphabetical order. E.G – ‘Thomas’ would be ‘ahmosT’)
  10. Code Words (write your words with a code. Put the code on the page and get a family member to solve it and sign.)
  11. Shaping Words (Think of a shape that relates to every spelling word and try to write your word inside the shape)
  12. Musical Words (Think of a song and change its lyrics so it uses at least 6 of your spelling words. Just like I did with Wrecking Ball, a couple weeks back but with your spelling words.)
  13. Story Words (Create A Title of a book for each spelling word)
  14. Tale Words (Use Wacky Web Tales and add your spelling words into the forms and see what it turns out like. Remember to use the right words with the right type of speech)
  15. Program Words (Create a scratch.mit.edu.au account and create a program that has all your spelling words in it, any way you like. You might create a program that makes you recite your spelling words. The choice is up to you!)


I hope this list helps you with your homework or someone you know’s homework. Make sure to share this post to help as many people as possible with their homework. Also, go check out the website where I got most of the spelling strategies from. Some of them, I made up myself – being the clever bean I am ;).

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