Post Update

Yes, I’m now posting only on Sundays. Why? Let me explain…

Before I was posting twice a week, both on school days. Tuesday was just generally too hard a day to post on because it’s in the middle of the day and Friday, even though it’s the end of the week, it’s too hard because it’s the start of the weekend and I need my rest (it also had to fit within my Friday afternoon schedule – get changed, go swimming, pickup “Takeaway Friday” dinner, go home and eat dinner, go to bed)

Now I’m posting once a week and on Sundays! This gives me a whole week to prepare a post (or many) and then once it’s posted on Sunday people in my Time Zone get to read on a weekend and people over on the other side of the world in what I call the “yesterday time zone” they too get to read it on a weekend. Fun for everyone!

Doing this will also not only take up less space on my blog but gives me more opportunities to have different/more things to post about. For example, before when I did two posts per week, that’s two ideas checked off the list. Now, I post once a week and it’s less stressful and it’s only one idea checked off the list.

So now, get ready for Sunday’s post which should be posted in about two days!


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