Taking Tablets!

This is a very late Tuesday post but – anyway – today’s topic is all about taking tablets. You see, for as long as I can remember I’ve taken car sickness tablets before I go on holidays. The taste of those things are absolutely terrible (so bitter!) and that made me amazingly paranoid of taking any tablets. Only this year I started not taking travel sickness tablets when travelling. It worked (I didn’t feel sick at all!) but even when I’m sick I get the liquid version of my antibiotics. Only recently when I had a leg pain did my mum want me to start taking tablets (Nurofen Zavance) and when I tried – I will admit – I TOTALLY FAILED! Then tonight, I had a headache and my mum said we should try again and see what happens. Luckily, this morning I looked up on YouTube ways to swallow tablets. I tried one where you take a big sip of some kind of liquid, pop the tablet in, have another sip of the liquid and take a big gulp and it should go down. I tried that and my tongue caught. I did another one I looked up where you point your head straight up, pop the tablet in, take a sip of water and gulp. This is the process I went through when trying this method:

Okay Thomas, okay – you can do this. Just put your head upwards, now put the tablet in and ready – here comes the water – now, gulp! Aarghhhh. *Gag* *Tablet gets stuck* Phew!

And then it was done. I mean, I didn’t aarghhh and gag for nothing – it did get stuck! But anyway, please comment and tell me what you think are the best ways to take tablets. I hope you enjoyed this weird story!


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