The Overuse of the Word, LOL.

Well, you’re probably saying to yourself “Wait – lol isn’t a word!” 

You’re correct, but if the post title was “The Overuse of the Abbreviation, LOL.” It would be just weird. For today’s post, I’m going to talk to you about how much we use the abbreviation lol. 

Let me start by explaining what lol actually stands for – Laugh out Loud. I think that when your texting or instagramming or doing something on social media, people take ‘lol’ as a comment. Somebody once sent me a message saying “That’s very nice.”   As if to say thanks to her, I replied saying “lol.”   The conversation then went on from there, but – do you get my point? What made it so necessary for me to say ‘lol’ in that situation? How did that make me “laugh out loud”? It didn’t! Here’s another texting situation, from the same person: she said “I forgot to tell you that I’m so talented I can sleep with my eyes closed.”  THAT is a good situation to say lol in, and I did. So, how much do you think we use the abbreviation ‘lol’ a day? Well, we use it over 13 million times a day! That’s a lot! We use it so much that the Oxford English Dictionary has added it in:

  See how popular it is? Anyways, how much do you think you use lol a day? Do you overuse it? I’d love to know.


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