The Minecraft Exhibit!

Last night we arrived in Darling Harbour, at the Star Hotel. A hotel employee offered to take our car and park and unpack it for us (so fancy!) but we said no. After we found a parking space, we went to reception and got our keys to our room. We’re on the top floor (Floor 15!) however there is a penthouse above us that I wish I could see but can’t. We spent ten minutes exploring the three bedroom apartment and looking at some of the views from our bedroom windows and balcony. Then we went and got our luggage. After that, we pretty much unpacked, relaxed and decided what to do for dinner. We were going to have Pizza from room service but it was way too expensive! We decided to go walking and find a nice place to eat. We went to a restaurant just across from Madame Tassuads and the Aquarium (Remember the Sydney Excursion post?). It was delicious – and filling! I had a cheeseburger with chips. When we got home we all had showers and went to bed. I had trouble sleeping and I sleep-talked (which crept my brother out). 

Today we are going to go “exploring” as my mum puts it. We know that we are going to the Powerhouse museum or something like that for a Minecraft Exhibit – which I’ll enjoy – and then maybe some other places. If you read yesterday’s post that I published before I left for Sydney, you’ll know that I’m going to see Matilda tonight (which is also in the Star – not in the apartment building but across the road in the lyric theatre). Watch for the update in my Matilda post to find out how much I enjoyed that and watch for the update in this post to find out how much I enjoyed exploring today.

As of tomorrow, I don’t think we’re doing anything else except fo looking at cars for my dad and travelling home. Anyway, watch this post!

Here are some of the pictures I took of the view from our apartment:

 Last night before I went to bed:  

Here are some I took this morning before breakfast:


That’s where I’m staying: 


            The exhibit was great! We made our own 2D block and then scanned it into a Minecraft world, we saw what it would be like to be in the cinemas in the old days, we made our own 3D block, we saw what life would be like on Mars, we saw what things would have been like in a space ship, we were going to watch a mini rocket launch but the man talked about how everything in space worked for literally half an hour so in the end we left and had lunch. For lunch I had a “mini-dog”, which is basically a tiny Frankfurt on a baby sized burger bun – weird! After lunch we went back inside and went to a The Wiggles exhibition. There was a projector in the roof that played videos of the wiggles and it projected down on the floor and made it look 3D. That was cool! I also took a selfie in the one and only, Big Red Car! Overall, I really enjoyed the day. We’re about to go and get some dinner and head off to the Matilda Musical. Stay tuned on the other post about Matilda for how that goes!


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