Kids Teaching Kids

Yesterday, I participated in a Kids Teaching Kids Day. There were so many other schools and my school got to be the host! I presented my group’s workshop twice and everybody seemed interesting. I learnt how to make a nesting box and how cows create a lot of methane! They were all awesome. My group’s topic was Feral Cats, Stray Cats and Domestic Cats and how they’re ruining the environment. The overall topic that everybody’s topic had to relate to was something like Creating A Sustainable Environment. The day was featured on ABC Western’s website and my local newspaper. We also created a website for the people that attended our workshop and you can visit it at:   We share facts, games you can play outside/lessons for kids, blogging about KTK (Kids Teaching Kids) and a bunch of other awesome stuff. Go check it out!

Also, here’s some photos of things that I got on the day (I used these things in my workshop):

 This is what I played as in my group’s skit.  

Here’s a business card for a feral scan website. You should start scanning. Help us remove feral animals!


Here’s another Feral Scan thing – except it’s for cats! Start scanning with this one as well!   
Here’s the back of the card pictured above. As you can see it’s available on the App Store and Google Play Store so go get it!



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