The Sydney Excursion

Day 1

Last week, early Wednesday morning, I was up getting ready for my school’s Year 5 & 6 Excursion to Sydney. I was a tad late so I was the last one on the double decker bus. I got to sit up the front – yay! We were on the road by 7:00AM though, just like our schedule said. We travelled for about an hour and a half and the we had a toilet/stretch stop. I didn’t need to go to the toilet so I just talked with my friends because – as I was late, I didn’t get time to catch up with them earlier. Once we were back on the bus we travelled for another two or three hours. WARNING: IF YOU ARE EATING, BE AWARE OF WHAT COMES NEXT. Because I sat up the front, I got to see anyone who spewed or was about to spew – lucky me! The good news was, there were actually only two or so people who really spewed though, so it wasn’t that bad. It was about 10:00AM when we stopped at Mt Piper Power Station for recess. We enjoyed a tour of the power station, I had to wear a hard hat and glasses. I thought everyone looked funny. We also got to wear a thing that looked like a hair net called a snood. I like the name, I think it just rolls of the tongue. There, I learnt that smoke doesn’t actually come out of those big tube things, steam does! Near the end of the tour, we were given the opportunity to find some coal that had fallen off the conveyor belt. I found a small piece of coal but as we were walking away, I found a bigger piece and “upgraded”. At one stage, I thought I’d found a ginormous piece of coal but it turned out to be wombat poo. I found out that coal is a baby diamond. The excursion had only started a couple of hours ago, and it was already so educational! We then went back on the bus and travelled for what seemed like AGES! When we stopped for lunch we had arrived at Scenic World/The Three Sisters. I got to ride what is said to be the most steepest railway in the world and go through a beautiful rainforest. After that, we hopped on the bus and didn’t get off until we arrived at the Collaroy Centre, Collaroy, Sydney. We unpacked and rolled our suitcases down a very steep hill to where our rooms were. When we got into our rooms, I was pleasantly surprised. Two small bathrooms, space dedicated for our bags, more space for us to do stuff. This was awesome! Everyone in my cabin were so amazing as well. Some people had showers and then we went up some more hills to get to the dining area. For dinner, we had lamb and vegetables. I’m not a big fan of lamb but, it was still quite delicious. For dessert, we had a nice vanilla muffin, which was – like – the best dessert I had ever tasted! My tastebuds were going insane! After dinner I had a shower and everyone (about 65 or so people) watched ‘Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day’. It’s such a good movie. Then we went to bed. I fell asleep almost straight away but apparently one person in my cabin was pretending to be Star FM and was singing songs. I imagined it was quite funny.

Day 2

We were up bright and early and were eating breakfast by 7:00AM. I had (poached?) egg, half of an English muffin, a slice of toast and some other delicious stuff. After I finished that, I noticed they had cereal so, I decided I had enough room to fit in some rice bubbles, which I hadn’t had for ages! We got a very strong cup of orange juice (which was amazing!) to wash down everything. When I first tasted it, I thought it was because I had recently brushed my teeth and the “mintyness” was getting into the taste of the juice but, it was just how strong the orange juice was. Once we left the Collaroy Center, we were off to The Rocks. We got to go on the Harbour Bridge! Going through it looked amazing, because I was up on the top deck so I could see up pretty high. When we got off we were sorted into groups. I was with one of my friends but the other friend was in another group. In our groups, we got to go on a tour of The Rocks and I learnt lots about the history of Sydney. It was so fun and educational! Then we got on the bus to go to the Sydney Aquarium. When we got there, we split back up into our groups and walked around. It was awesome seeing all the fish and using the interactive stuff. There were lots of hills and my legs got tired quickly. I bought an awesome thing that had a picture of the Opera House on it. Then we walked to Madame Tassuads. Everything looked so real! We hopped on the bus again and travelled to Hyde Park Barracks. It was fun – I learnt how to get in a hammock properly! We then travelled back to the Collaroy Center and rested for a while. Then we had dinner – Spaghetti Bolognaise with vegetables and, for dessert – delicious vanilla flavoured stuff and a yummy cookie! After that, we got back on the bus and headed for the Sydney Tower Eye. We got to watch a 4-D Movie about the Tower. Then we went on the elevator to the very top. My ears popped a couple times on the way up, but it was worth it. The view is awesome up there! You can see pretty far out! It looked extra pretty, because it was nighttime and everything was lit up. Then we came back to the Center and had showers and supper. Supper was one of those cookies again, very delicious! Then that was pretty much it for Day 2.

Day 3

We woke up earlier than Day 2 and packed our bags. Then we rolled them up a really steep hill to get to the bus and put the suitcases in the boot. I was halfway there when I realised I had left my bathroom bag in my room and I hadn’t done my hair. So I rushed back to get it and my suitcase was just standing there for five minutes! It must of looked weird to other people. Once I put my luggage in the bus we went and had breakfast. I had sausages, barbecued tomatoes, scrambled eggs and some other stuff that I can’t remember. I don’t like eggs so I didn’t eat the egg, but once I finished that, I helped myself to some yogurt and the days chosen fruit, peaches! It was delicious!!! Then we hopped on the bus and travelled to this Captain Cook Cruises place to catch a ferry. The ride was fun and extremely windy! My hair was all over the place! When we got off we went to Luna Park. I liked that! I went on the Ferris Wheel with one of my friends, then I went on this ride called the Hair raiser with another one of my friends. On the ride, it takes you up really high slow then drops you really fast and catches you before you hit the bottom. My friend and I had a bet where whoever screamed had to go on a ride that the other person chose. She screamed a lot! Our bet didn’t really go into action, though. I then went on the Dodgems with two of my friends. We kept bumping each other! Then we went to a funny island place and there were some cool rides there. I especially liked the really extreme, steep slide. It was the ride that I screamed on. After all that madness, we had lunch and headed to ANZ Stadium. We got to run out on the field, go into the change rooms and see how the stadium worked. I learnt that when I watch the football that’s played on it, the chairs actually moved in to make a rectangle. How cool is that?! After that amazing tour, we got on the bus and started to travel home. We stopped at about 6:00PM or 7:00PM for dinner at Maccas. I had a Big Mac with Fries and a Coke. Then we got back on the bus again and headed for home. We arrived at my school for pickup at about 10:30PM. I was at home and in bed by 11:45PM! I was very tired! That was the end of Day 3! I hope you enjoyed my recount of my amazing excursion and, if you did – give thi post a like!

Now, here are some photos of some things:

 My Baby Diamond (Coal):  

My Snood. This is what I wore around the Power Station and I also used it to hold my coal in Day 2 and 3.

This is my souvenier that I bought at the Sydney Darling Harbour Aquarium. I love the colours in it!

I love the colours in this. The trip will always be remembered! 


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