Fossil Fuels in Years to Come

Here’s a piece of text I wrote at the start of the year for a competition. I called it ‘Fossil Fuels in Years to Come’

Fossil Fuels are ancient. Seriously – they’ve been around for millions of years! It was estimated that they’ve been around since the year 1000 BC!* Isn’t it good to know that even if you’re the oldest person in the world, there are fossil fuels that have lived longer than you? However, how long do they have left before they fade away?
Just to freshen up, there are three Fossil Fuels – Oil, Natural Gas and Coal.
* Fossil Fuels were used way back in the Iron Age. As humans have become more civilised, we have burnt up more fuels. Fossil Fuels are precious as they took millions of years to form so once they’re gone, they’re gone forever. For many generations, people have asked “What happens if Fossil Fuels run out?” They never ask when. These precious fuels are limited so it’s a definite yes that they are going to run out.
How Are Fossil Fuels Made?

Fossil Fuels are made when dead flora and fauna get buried underneath land. As time goes by, the buried things decompose and turn the leftovers into fuel sources. Depending on how many sources there are in different countries, depends on which countries will run out of supplies first. I feel strongly that the first handful of countries will “borrow” other countries’ resources but personally, I think that is a bad move as we will then run out of Fossil Fuels for everybody else.
When Will Fossil Fuels Run Out?

Being part of an “earth community”, we consume 11 billion tonnes of oil and more every year. At this rate, all oil reserves will be gone between 2050 and 2075*. Once oil runs out, we’ll still have coal and gas but if we were to increase the production of the other fuels, gas supplies will also be lost between the years 2060 and 2085. Then, if we were to increase production of coal to make up for oil and gas reserves lost, coal could be lost as well during 2088 and 2095. After these years, there will be a bit of struggle to live without fuels but – will man-kind have made a way to live without any struggle at all encountering the loss of all our fuels? I hope so! If not, all the carbon dioxide emitting from burning coal will shorten our enjoyment of the fun stuff you can do today. Imagine taking a honeymoon and travelling the world – while breathing in Carbon Dioxide all the time.
I don’t want to live in a world where there are no Fossil Fuels, and I’m sure future generations to come don’t want to grow up in a world without Fossil Fuels either. So adults, take the time to become more fuel efficient to help kids like myself and newer generations to live in happiness. Do the right thing – please.




* = the website is in the bibliography


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