My Back-To-School Guide

OK, so I’m going to admit, I totally forgot about this! I’ve came up with something on the spot called My Back To School Guide. Here’s a list of what you really need for school in Term 3. Well, where I live, it’s Week 2 Term 3. However, you might of started Term 3 five weeks ago, you might of started Term 3 this week – whatever the situation, here’s my list of what you really need because, let’s be real, do you really need that fancy, new, expensive laptop? No!

Primary School List

  • A sharp pencil or two 
  • A nice pen that’s about half way or more full of ink
  • A clean eraser*
  • A refreshed brain 

 High School List 

  • A calculator 
  • A pen full of ink (I’d say a full one is better than a half full one when you’re in high school)
  • A sharp pencil or two, or three
  • Two clean erasers*
  • A refreshed brain 
  • A mobile phone – for emergencies 

University/College List

  • A few pens
  • Quite a couple of pencils
  • Around 4 clean erasers*
  • A refreshed brain
  • A mobile phone – for anything
  • A laptop – I’m no college/university expert but I’d say that as long as it had a word processor, it can create and share presentations and can browse the Internet, It would be a computer you could use 
  • If not a laptop a tablet – it can pretty much do the same as above (Text Editing, Presentation creating, Internet browsing, etc.)

*Here’s a trick for cleaning dirty erasers:

  1. Find a blank piece of paper
  2. Get the dirty part of your eraser and using all your muscle, rub out the blank paper. You should start seeing the rubber getting cleaner
  3. Continue

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