All For A Packet Of Soothers…

Wow, my first rant (sort of)! I knew this one was a definite! Hope you enjoy.

The other day, my mum sent me in to the supermarket to get some things for dinner. She also asked me to get her some Soothers. So I went and got everything that I needed for dinner and when I went into the lolly isle, there was this man on his phone to someone, talking about chewing gum. This is a little a bit of what I heard:

“What type of bubble gum do you want? Oh, you want chewing gum? OK, what type of chewing gum do you want? You want chewy and minty? OK. How about these eclipse chewy mints? I’ve had them before and they’re pretty minty – and chewy! OK so, you don’t want mints, you want chewing gum. Well what brand of chewing gum do you want? You want Five? What flavour?”

There was more of the conversation, but I cut it down due to privacy concerns. ( 🙂 ) Oh, and for those of you don’t  know, Five is a chewing gum brand. While all this was happening, the person’s partner was searching every single shelf, taking and looking at all the lollies and then putting them back. I’m not trying to be mean or anything, but the partner was a bit – obese. Which means that I had to wait for ten minutes until they finally leave just so I could get some Soothers.

And yes, there are bigger problems in the world but if we fixed the smaller ones, it might be easier to fix the bigger ones.


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