An A-Z List of Advice

A – Always Apologise

B – Be Yourself

C – Careful with Scissors

D – Do say yes more

E – Eat good foods often

F – Fixing things by yourself isn’t always the best option 

G – Give More, Take Less

H – Help more and you won’t regret it.

I – Iron your mistakes out

J – Jig more and enjoy life

K – Keep your mouth shut unless you have something good to say

L – Laugh and smile often

M – Mind your own business

N – Never cheat

O – Open your heart to new opportunities 

P – Pace your junk food intake evenly

Q – Quit your bad habits

R – Read lots and you will go far

S – Sort out your troubles

T – Tell people your problems so they can help you

U – understand reality

V – Value your friends 

W – Warm smiles are always the best

X – Xtreme Landings is a great app! You should really get it! (It’s free in the App Store)

Y – Yellow is hard to see on a white background because of the contrast – a fun fact! Keep that in mind

Z – Zoos are a great place to go if you have a little kid – especially if that little kid loves animals. 🙂
I hope you liked my a-z of alphabetical advice! Feel free to comment and tell me what your alphabetical advice is (it doesn’t have to be the full alphabet)


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