A Warm Welcome

Yesterday I went to my aunt’s house (the one with the one year old baby I talked about last christmas) and I got in, and while I was taking my shoes off she ran up the hallway and said “Thomas!” and gave me a hug! Then when I was walking out of the bathroom from washing my hands she gave me another hug! A baby’s hug is the warmest hug you can get and it makes you feel awesome inside!  My cousin and I played for a while and then she went to a bookshelf and got out a book. She went and sat up on a seat and said “Tap” and patted a space on the chair next to her. So I went and sat next to her. While she was reading she was pointing to different things and then, when she was finished she gave the books to me as if passing he blame to me! It’s alright though, because she’s little.  She seemed particularly interested in a book about chicken soup. When my cousin was in the middle of this book she was asked if she wanted afternoon tea and politely replied “No.”   I asked her if she wanted something to eat to see if she knew what she was saying. Again she said no. After we walked away to the table she soon changed her mind and came running. When we were driving home I sat next to my cousin in the car and we were making silly faces in her little toy mirror. She has the best laugh that – like a hug – makes you feel awesome inside. When it was time to get out of the car, I said goodbye and gave her a kiss. Then she goes “No – Thomas.” She really is cute…

What a long story! Anyway, I hope you enjoyed it.


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