What Makes A Good Storybook?

A group of students in my class are starting this project about Feral Animals (Due to privacy reasons, their names cannot be published. There are four students doing it – including myself). We have to make a storybook about our chosen Feral Animal from Australia. However, what makes a good storybook? My mum – a Kindergarten teacher – gave me some tips on what makes a good book for little kids but, the project wants something that’s for both little kids and big kids so – what makes a good storybook for primary schools? The group had some ideas for design. We were thinking of having an illustration as the background with the text and a real life photo on top (something easily done with an app called PicCollage). I don’t know. If you have any suggestions please comment and we’ll be sure to take them onboard – and most likely use them. Thanks for all your help. 😄


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