As most Australians know, it was ANZAC Day on Saturday (two days ago). “Happy ANZAC Day” isn’t really the term  I use for ANZAC Day but – maybe you do? Since it has been 100 years since the landing at Gallipoli, my city had a sleep out in the football field. I didn’t go but I heard that there were movies until very early in the morning. One of my classmates even slept through the bugle – twice!!! Most people who went to the sleepover also went to the Dawn Service. I didn’t go to that either but I think marching with our school makes up for most of it. It was such an honour to march with our school. Everyone was dressed in their uniform, the teachers were happy and I was near my friends. I think it was the best ANZAC March I’ve ever done! So for the next few days, I would like all the Australians that read my blog to think about how lucky we are to be in this protected country. Lest we Forget.


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