Chess for the Family!

Two days ago, I taught Lachlan how to play chess. Yesterday, I taught Jack and Julia how to play chess. Rather than using the chess app that I have, we got out my Mum and Dad’s Chess Set they got for a Wedding present. Since then, the chess board has been in and out of the games cupboard. Due to the fact that I taught the others how to play (with help from my dad), I usually win against them. However, there have been times where the kids win. I did an experiment with a new strategy to see how long it would take if I were to win. When I versed Julia, it took a minute and seven seconds whereas when I versed Jack, it took me a minute and fifteen seconds. I could see that Jack’s mind was working hard to find a way to defeat my king but you can’t mess with THIS new strategy. 😉

Here’s a picture from yesterday:

  And here’s a picture from today with my new strategy:



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