Somebody Special Comes To Visit

On Monday, after recess my school had a special visitor – Guy Sebastian! Guy is going around Australia and came to where I live first for a warm-up concert. He is SO NICE!!! I went to the concert last night and he was amazing. Our school even got a mention. Although, he called us South-East instead of South and the music teacher who organised the visit to our school was there and shouted out “SOUTH! WE’RE IN THE SOUTH!” Now, there’s almost NO CHANCE that Guy would read this post or – even – my blog! But if he ever did read this post;
Guy your songs are awesome!

I know, I know, it’s a short message but – he’s a superstar. You often get stuck on saying things to amazing people – people that are kind and caring and want to make a difference in the world. I encourage all readers to help Guy make a difference by contributing to the Sebastian Foundation or World Vision to help others that are less fortunate then us.

By the way, Guy Sebastian sang a song and it was so sad and he started crying. Just thought you should know…


4 thoughts on “Somebody Special Comes To Visit

  1. He is a great guy, and an awesome talent. Visiting your school is just the sort of thing he does. He also visits hospitals to sing to sick kids. And of course there is now his and his wife’s charity you wrote about. He is always giving back for the great life he has been able to achieve since winning Idol all those years ago. So glad you got to go to the concert as well. I am going to the Adelaide one. Haven’t missed a Guy concert since it all began in 2003. (Ha. You may not have been born then. Not sure how old you are.) Anyway I enjoyed reading your story about Guy’s visit. Thanks for sharing it.


    1. No problem. I was born in June 2003 so he won the year I was born. He tried to come to our school two years ago but he was sick so he wasn’t able to come.


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