If I Give You A Hug…

Merry Christmas to all! It was Christmas Day yesterday for me but I know that for some, it’s today. The funniest thing happened to me yesterday at Christmas Lunch.

I brought my iPad and was playing ‘Jingle Bell Rock’ on it and my one year old cousin started bopping along. When the song changed, she started trying to open the flap of my iPad – probably trying to change the song, but – when I didn’t let her open it, she stood up, and gave me a big hug – one that I enjoyed, mind you – and then sat back down and tried to open it again! If she’s thinking I’ll give him a hug and he’ll let me open his iPad, then she’s one smart baby! She pulled my hand away from my iPad and tried again. This “Game” went on for minutes, each time, getting a hug from my cute little cousin. I hope you have a great Christmas! I got a new watch (I really needed that). Here’s a comment question:

What did you get from “Santa Claus”???


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