SRC 2015

This year, I got nominated for the SRC and I have to prepare a speech. There a LOT of other students trying to get in so I need to try and make my speech stand out the most. Here is what I wrote for my speech.

Hi. My name is Thomas and I want to be on the src in 2015. For me to be on the SRC I need you to answer this question; Will YOU vote for me? My before my speech ends you will know WHY you will want to vote for me…

I would like to share my traits with you. I am responsible and a positive thinker. I am a great communicator with both staff and students AND I am creative and motivational.

I believe that I display the four core values of the school everyday and with a little teamwork we can all demonstrate Respect, Care, Cooperation and Responsibilty.

Vote for me because I believe that everyone has a right to be listened to and your say counts – big time!

I have attended this school for the past six years and have proudly represented in events such as multicultural speaking, the ANZAC March, the school band and environmental projects.

How will I help not only the SRC but, the school? There’s a lot of work to do behind the scenes you know!

Participation. Have you ever felt left out and that you just walk around the playground by yourself? If I were on the src, I would organise new activities so that you can feel included and make new friends, then you’re not alone!

Fundraising. I think it is a fantastic idea to raise money for worthy causes and would be more than willing to help encourage families and staff to donate!

Interaction. Don’t you think assemblies would be even better if you let ME assist with the technology?

Now that you’ve heard my speech, I hope you’ve chosen. Just make the right decision and vote for me. If you vote for me, all the stress will be lifted off your shoulders – i promise!

Thanks for listening.

Well, what do you think? Is it good enough that I might be chosen into the SRC? Make the right choice… 😉


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