OK so, I’ve had about a year and a half on here and I’ve got 945 views! From nearly all over the globe?! OMG!!! Some of you are probably like “Huh! 945 views isn’t much!” But you forget, I’m just a regular guy that goes to primary school. A KID. To me and to any other kid in my school who might own a blog, would think that’s GREAT! Thanks so much. Same thing with my following; 20 followers or something and I’m only a kid?! Think of it like you see a channel on YouTube and it’s only got 20 followers. That’s ok but if a kid owned that channel they’d probably go off their tree because 1) They’re on of the most viral video networks on the internet and, 2) They just hit 20 subscribers! Could you imagine if that was you when you were a kid? Thanks again and I’ll try and post more;



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