Going To Rugby

If you’ve been reading my blog for the past year, then you’ve probably found my personality. So, I’m not a big fan of Rugby League/Union but, I was asked to go and it’s a chance to get away from my home-town and go somewhere with new experiences. The match is the Wallabies vs the All Blacks. My dad bought all this Wallaby gear and its really cool but as my grandpa isn’t going because he’s got a special shoot on, I’m routing for the All Blacks (Although, I’ll still wear the Wallaby stuff because I’m not a huge rugby supporter!). We are staying at a hotel in Sydney that has free wifi (from the descriptions on the web) so, I’ll keep you posted but I won’t tell you the scores because some people don’t like to know the scores until they watch it for themselves as they don’t have time to watch it “real time”. It’ll be a really fun “boys weekend”, I’m sure! I’ll post what we did on the trip and what the game was like (from my point of view) later.


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