Piano Exams 2014

Yesterday, around 11:25AM my dad came and picked me up to take me to my piano exams. Getting some muffins out of my bag for morning tea and a hot chocolate (from the Fast Lane drive-thru coffee), we head off for my piano teacher’s house. It was a new examiner and she was really nice and made me feel quite comfortable. I played Jig for my List A, Valse Triste for my List B, Foot Tapper (remember?) for my List C and Surfboard Boogie for my extra. For my scales, I mucked up on F Major and B Minor. I was thinking to myself “Please don’t pick B Minor, Please don’t pick B Minor.” And she chose be minor. It’s like she was reading my mind! Although, at the end of the day, I did OK and she was really nice. Going into Grade 3 ready for next year’s exams. 😦


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